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There are so many things to do and places to visit in Romania - but most tourists have no  idea where to start!

Most people come with low or no expectations to our country but soon realize it’s a beautiful holiday destination with friendly people, lots of tourist attractions and cool activities to do! That’s why many plan on returning!


Wood carving and leather crafting, basket weaving, icon painting, or pottery making are some of the best-known crafts. Romania offers a wealth of crafts and traditional decorative items.





The countryside is the heart and soul of Romania. One of the main assets in Romania: the people. They are ready to welcome you into their hearts and offer you hospitality throughout the visit.





We like the food, too! Tasty food!  Eat, drink and discover Romania! Coming to Romania is a must for any travel enthusiast and food lover. Our food is varied, filling and very savory.


Discover romanian wine specialties and go on a winetasting tour! You will be surprised to know that we are one of the top countries in wine producing in Europe!


We have plenty of options if you wanna have a good time. Here are some ideas if you plan to have a very entertaining romanian trip.

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