Apogeum Cellar

Coming from a 50-year-old plantation, located on southern hills, with calcareous soil and benefiting from little rainfall, the Feteasca Neagra grapes give birth to this rare, unique wine - APOGEUM. The production is small, 5-6 tons/ha, harvested by hand. The grapes are selected from the vineyard, picked in the optimal period, transported with great care to the winemaking place. APOGEUM wine is made in the winery of the same name, a historic winery equipped with clay amphorae and grape selection systems to match its reputation, and it benefits from all the love and attention from the beginning. Slow, long-term fermentation at optimal temperatures - all for obtaining the characteristic aromas of dried plum, berries and black currants. After about 15-20 days, once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the amphorae are prepared for the second fermentation, the malolactic fermentation, a process after which the wine begins to fully reveal its special characteristics. Once this stage in the life of APOGEUM is completed, the young wine obtained is placed by gravity into new French oak barrels. The 24-month period during which the young Feteasca Neagra rests in barrels, plus the 12 months in which it stays in the bottle, gives it notes of elegant maturity, expressed through an explosion of inviting aromas (oak, vanilla, chocolate, coffee ) elements that denote the value of a special, rare wine.

If you wanna taste some of the wines specialties that are obtained as described above, these are the prices:

Valahorum Tasting - 20 EUR

  • Valahorum Feteasca Alba
  • Valahorum Chardonnay
  • Valahorum Rose
  • Valahorum Feteasca Neagra
  • Apogeum Feteasca Neagra year IX

Summer Wine Tasting - 20 EUR

  • Cuvee Dolette rose sparkling wine
  • Cuvee Dolette white sparkling wine
  • Summer Wine White
  • Summer Wine Rose
  • Apogee of Feteasca Neagra year IX

Tohani Tasting - 20 EUR

  • Cuvee Tohani white
  • Cuvee Tohani rose
  • Cuvee Tohani red
  • Apogee of Feteasca Neagra year IX
  • Ice Flowers – Romanian "Tamaioasa"

Wine cellar Tasting - 30 EUR

  • Feteasca Neagra 1995
  • Feteasca Neagra 2000
  • Feteasca Neagra 2010
  • Tamaioasa 2008
  • Tamaioasa 2012

Patrimony package Tasting - 40 EUR

  • Cuvee Dolette white sparkling wine
  • Valahorum Reserve
  • Apogeum of Feteasca Neagra year VI
  • Apogeum of Feteasca Neagra year IX
  • Apogeum Patrimony

Vertical Apogeum Tasting - 40 EUR

  • Apogeum year IV
  • Apogeum year V
  • Apogeum year VI
  • Apogeum year VII
  • Apogeum year IX
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