Treasures of Romania tour

Alexandra, we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Romania courtesy of yourselves. Cristian was a marvelous driver and guide throughout our tour. We did not realize how beautiful a country you live in and we were taken aback by some of the scenery. We thought the choice of Pensions, Hotels, and the farm accommodation on the 1st night were excellent. All the hosts made us feel welcome and the food we had throughout week was excellent.

We both thought that the choice of route and the cities, towns and villages we stopped in were excellent. Some of the churches were absolutely lovely and tho we are not that religious were stunning. We also admired the many horse and carts we saw, with the villagers going about there every day lives at a nice slower pace of life that we get in England.

Bucharest we thought was a very nice city and we  both felt safe walking around at night. Cristian's tour on the Saturday was superb and the presidential palace was certainly a eye opener.

We have spread the word here back in England about Romania and hopefully you will see a few extra tourists in the near future.
We will most certainly return to Romania for another holiday in the future,,and once again thank you for organizing a superb holiday.

David and Janet, England, September 2017


Treasures of Romania tour

Hi Alexandra

I enjoyed the tour very much and Alex was very knowledgeable about everything we visited in the way of Churches and Monasteries but also about Romanian history and the people and the way of life. He is a very experienced guide and that showed throughout the whole trip.

The quality of the accommodation provided was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the Pension overnight stays. The food and breakfasts provided where exceptional and the level of service throughout Romania was second to none. The tour and Romania in general is excellent value for money . I would certainly recommend Romania as a tourist destination and Romania Tours as providing the best value and level of service and comfort to achieve that. In addition I would like to add that your help in particular Alexandra was instrumental in making the ease of the planning and then the subsequent smooth running of every aspect of the trip enjoyable. Thank you to all at Romania Tours.

Kindest regards

Grant H, New Zealand, September 2017


Danube Delta and Bucharest city tour

Hi Alexandra,

As promised, I am sending you my feedback on your part of our wonderful trip in Romania and Europe, now that we are back home in New Zealand.

We had a truly wonderful time! Mihai was a great tourguide through the delta, and he knew every bird in sight. We had a truly marvellous experience. The guest house in Mila 23 was very pleasant, and the food was very good, as was the food onboard the boat.

When we got back from the bird-watching tour on Saturday afternoon, we followed Mihai's recommendation to visit the Delta Museum in Tulcea, which was very interesting. The Delta Hotel (4*) was very good and in a great location right on the waterfront.

On Sunday, Dragos came to pick us up very punctually. He was a great tourguide in Bucharest and delivered us to the airport in plenty of time. It was a great day.

So thank you very much for organising it all so well.

Kind regards

Sibylle, New Zealand, September 2017


Bucharest, Mogosoaia Palace & Snagov Monastery tour


Even if the trip was short  (09.00 - 17.00) we had time to see all the agreed main attractions (+ lunch). We were very satisfied with our guide/driver Adrian who is a professional in history, English language and in traffic too. He is also very polite and a real gentleman. We can recommend him and your company to all visitors.

Romania is not well known here in Finland but after our trip at least we have only good experiences.

Best regards

Seija Ruottu, Finland, September 2017


Count Dracula Best Tour 

Hi Alexandra!

We enjoyed the trip very much and Romania has left us impressed. Such a beautiful country. 

And Adrian had made our experience during the trip even more exceptional! We couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. I would highly recommend him to anyone that visit Romania! 

Many thanks. 

UE Kok Loong, UK, September 2017


Treasures of Romania tour

Dear Alexandra,

We got back to India after what you appropriately referred to as our grand Europe tour. Very honestly both, my wife and myself, can say that the Romanian part of the tour was the most enjoyable. Romania is indeed a very beautiful country and has so much to offer. The places we stayed at were also very good. The sites chosen were excellent and we enjoyed every one of them. I must say that you have structured the tour in such that we get to not only to see the country but to also interact with the ordinary people and enjoy their lifestyle . The village stay at Sibiel was pleasant and reminded us of our native village and the life we had there. In fact, soon after I send this mail we are going to get the painted Icon we got from there framed and placed in our prayer room. I will categorically say that the tour of Romania was a great success .

I must hasten to add the the success of the tour was also due to Mr. Catalin Stoenescu. Catalin was an superb guide, besides being an excellent driver. He was so knowledgeable that we have to confess that we had a a first class introduction not only to the sites we visited but also of almost the history of the entire European civilisation . In the course of a few hours of interaction with us he sensed what our particular  interests were and he took extra care to include information on these issues while explaining the details of the places we travelled through and visited. His explanation of the construction of the various types of buildings and roads, paintings and Icons, formations of the various mountain ranges, the different agricultural activities in the different places and the culture of the various communities in these places, was excellent and very informative. He took additional pains to attend to all our needs and went out of his way to accommodate my wife's shopping craze. The only thing I was not very happy with.????????. I can't remember one question that either of us put to him which he did not answer.  In the course of the tour he became more a friend. He put us at a very high comfort level both in regard to his duty as a guide and also on a personal level. We can never forget his services and will always cherish it. He was to put it in short - the icing on the cake.

Thank you Alexandra and Catalin for a memorable trip.

 George Philip & Beena Susan Philip, India, July 2017


Treasures of Romania tour 

Hi, Alexandra

We have just returned to Perth last night.

We had a very memorable time in Romania thanks to your tour company. 

We were impressed by the itinerary and the professional service of our driver/guide, Cristian throughout our travel.  We learned so much about Romania within one week thanks to Cristian’s knowledge on the country, history and all other related stories. 

Best wishes

Mi Kyung Lee and Colin Binns, Australia, July 2017   


Transylvania Tour - Tailored

Dear Alexandra,

We are now back in Canada and our 2 weeks in Romania are now with our most cherished  memories. We have greatly appreciated the scenery, the history, the food and most of all the friendliness of the Romanians. You live in such a beautiful country, a piece of heaven on earth.

We would like to thank you for your great talent in organising such a wonderful tour. Everything was perfect, the hotels, the cities visited, the tourist attractions, the transportation, etc... Our guide, Mr Andrei Bulucea, was a true professional, knowledgeable. always interesting, polite and helpful and an excellent driver. Because of him, we will never forget that tour.

Thank you again and I hope I will have the pleasure of organising another tour with you in the future.

Best regards,

Marc Richard  for our group. (Marcelle, Gilles and Ion), Canada, May 2017   


Count Dracula Best Tour

Hello Alexandra, Dan and the rest of the wonderful people at Romania Tours!

So now our wonderful vacation has ended and after a busy week of getting unpacked, getting our new kitchen fixed and getting everything up and running we finally got the time to reflect on our beautiful vacation. First of all we had this crazy idea about going to see Romania, and despite the fact that we weren't able to get hold of any travel books and the fact that most people said that Romania was not a nice place to go on a holiday. These facts just made the decision easier we had to go but we needed help because we couldn't get any information on our own, then we contacted you and we got the best and swiftest service - in short everything was taken care of and All of our questions was answered.

Dan was an incredible guide/chauffeur telling us everything about all the beautiful places we went to see, he was really pleasant company and full of humour so besides seeing one amazingly beautiful place after another we also laughed a lot. He translated everything so we got the most out of every place we visited, some times it seemed like everywhere we went he knew everybody and made sure that we got the best possible experience in every way. All in all we had the most fantastic time, all things planned by Romania tours was perfect and your service both before and during the trip was above and beyond amazing. It's just a matter of time before we return to beautiful country, for a much longer stay. Thank you so much for all your work making our holiday in Romania awesome, we will definitely recommend your company to all our friends and family

Best wishes

Christina & Kasper, Denmark, May 2017   


Treasures of Romania tour

We recently booked the Transylvania tour with Romania Tours. From the initial contact with our travel representative, Alexandra, I felt truly listened to and taken care of. I had a million questions, having never toured before, from pricing and payment, locations, and the date of the tour itself. Alexandra was flexible to my recommendations, she made payment available in any of the major currencies (RON, EUR, CAD, USD), and, when I had any concerns about rooming/hotels, she provided additional options where we could stay.We were incredibly pleased with our hotels, and found ourselves saying, each hotel/pension was more impressive than the last. Overall, we feel very lucky to have hired Romania Tour for our tour; they took care of everything!

We even had a mix up with the flights, where we did not arrive at our destination (Bucharest) until 6 hours after we were originally supposed to start the tour. I called Alexandra on Saturday night on her personal cell phone and she arranged with the driver to make any changes so that we could still keep the intended tour intact. Amazing!

Our driver/tour guide was Andrei. He spoke Romanian and English very well. Andrei was very knowledgeable in the history of Romania, specific dates and everything, making the tour seem like a visual history lesson with beautiful relics and churches that have lingered in Romania for hundreds of years. 

We found Andrei was also very flexible. As a result, on our vacation, we decided that we would not rush, but make the most of everything in the time we had. Some of the days, we skipped a church or two from our program, and Andrei did not give any fuss (as I'm sure, some people would take offence) He just said: "This is your tour, I am here to make sure you enjoy it." He was very open with communication so that made us comfortable (travelling with a stranger can be odd sometimes) but we became friends! We invited him to have dinner with us every day and had a great time. Overall, again, very pleased to have had Andrei as our driver/guide. 

Romania is absolutely beautiful. There is much history of wars and battles, and as a result fortified churches and ruins that have now been integrated in the cities of Romania. The landscape: mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, all very different than Toronto, Canada. 

The only meal that was included in the price for our tour was 1st night in Sibiel at Adriana's house and the breakfasts. So the food is not really a reflection of the tour but must be mentioned and reviewed!We arrived at Adriana's at almost 10:30 pm local time (because of our flight delay). She was so happy to receive us. Food was on the table in minutes and we were starved. A truly home cooked meal of meats and cheeses, meat and squash balls, lamb, cabbage rolls, polenta, and of course, incredible wine, Tuica (traditional apple/prunes moonshine) for the non drivers. 

For the remainder of the trip, we ate at restaurants, either in the hotels/pensions or on the road to our next destination. Something to note: this is the best food in the world! Try as many things as you can, you won't regret it.. 

All in all, I want to go back tomorrow. 1 week touring a country is not enough, but we made the most out of our vacation time. 

I highly recommend coordinating with Alexandra @ Romania Tours. Enjoy your trip!

Mirela B, Toronto, Canada, September 2016


Transylvania & Bukovina Tour - Tailored


Our trip to Romania was excellent. The itinerary that you put together worked extremely well. The hotels that you helped me select were all very comfortable. Catalin served us very well as both guide and driver.  He was always helpful and accommodating, and an endless source of interesting information. Thanks for all of your assistance in arranging a successful experience for us.

Jim and Karen Lehrburger, Florida, October 2016

Treasures of Romania tour

Hi Alexandra,

We are now on board of the plane awaiting taking off. I can't wait to text you about how much we appreciate your service before and during our stay here. It makes us enjoy our holidays here and appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of your country. Your immediate attention to our need and request is especially appreciated. 

Once again thank you for it. Btw, Andrei has gone a very good job. We are very pleased with his service, too. 

Patrick Yuen, Hong Kong, June 2016

Treasures of Romania Tour - Tailored (Italian)

Dear Alexandra,

I would like to thank you for your organization of my tour in Romania. The tour was very satisfactory, smooth and safe. It met our expectations and our desires. The agreed accommodations and restaurants were excellent in compliance with the available budget. I posted on “Trip Advisor”, in Italian, the following review. I translated it in English so you can understand and have your feedback about the services of Mr. Ovidiu Botoni as our driver/guide.

“Travel together with Mr. Ovidiu was very interesting experience, not only in Bukovina, but certainly all over the Romanian territory! Historical and cultural preparation are accompanied by the ability to indicate artistic, geographical and culinary details, together with enthusiasm and appreciation of the traditions. Added value: a perfect Italian!”

Thank you again, kind regards.

Giacomo Saviozzi, Italy, May 2016

Medieval Transylvania Tour - Tailored

Romania far exceeded expectations, due in a large part to our guide Catalin. He is a true ambassador for Romania. From a vast knowledge of European history and geography, to a deep appreciation of local truly food and, to his love of the pure nature of the Romanian countryside (organic living, bear and bird watching and fishing), Catalin generously shared all. This four-day tour packed in more knowledge of Europe than any college course. The only bad thing, that it is over. The variety of accommodations, food, and sites made each day an unique gift. May Romania gently move into the future, while preserving a traditional, healthy past for the world to enjoy and model. Not an easy balancing act.

Bring your family, and friends or schedule a work event. Move seeing the Transylvania region of Romania to the top of your bucket list; before it gets pulled into the 21st century. Romania and Romania Tours are simply fantastic.

Pamela Swingley, California, May 2016

Medieval Transylvania Tour - Tailored

Hello Alexandra!

I had a very nice tour! I really enjoyed seeing the countryside of Transylvania and learning about the history. Added bonuses were the snow in Bran and the Christmas market in Sibiu. Catalin was very a professional and knowledgeable guide. Thanks to you for doing such a great job of organizing the tour, always very responsive and flexible with my last-minute travel plans due to business.

Ellen, USA, November 2015

Bran & Peles Castles Day Tour

Hello, Alexandra,

I would like to thank you for organising this one day trip. My friends and I have really liked it. We especially appreciated the guide, who was very professional and kind with us. He told us a lot from Romanian history and was able to answer our questions. We have visited all planned sites and even more: the monastery near Peles castle, the small Pelesor castle. We did not have a chance to visit Brasov on foot, as it was very cold in the evening, so the guide made the car trip for us in the city. However, he even extended the program and we have finished the day with the digustation of Romanian wines. It was an interesting experience and we bought each a bottle of wine.

Thank you again!

Yulia, Russia, November 2015

Romanian UNESCO Heritage Tour - Tailored

Hello Dear Alexandra!

Thank you very much for everything. I had the best time in your beautiful country.  Catalin was not only a wonderful guide but also a beautiful person that took me into the beauty history and traditions. I am most greatful for all the efort you put into this wonderful trip. I hope to be back soon!

Carla Goldstein, México, October 2015

Bran & Peles Castles Day Tour

Hi Alexandra,

The day was fantastic! Alex was a wonderful guide who was very engaging and knowledgable. He went above and beyond our expectations, he took us to some special locations and told us interesting stories of our surrounds.  We would be more than happy to book with you again in the future. Romania is such a beautiful country and after seeing the countryside yesterday we will definitely be back. 

Anita, Australia, October 2015

Famous Wineyards - Wine Tasting Tour of Romania


Both my husband and I agree that the vacation was very good, minus the Peles Castle issue (which we didn't get to see as it was closed). The hotels were great, car was clean and comfortable. The guide was informative and most importantly, he made sure we were okay. The wine cellar selection and the food served was fantastic. There was plenty of time to see the sights and then enjoy the cellars after.  You really did a good job and honestly I think a lot more people would love this itinerary.

In the itinerary that the guide had for the Bran castle day, he had the second stop as a church.  I am really glad he offered the option of visiting the bears instead because it helped give some variety to the itinerary, and it shows that there are other interesting things to see besides churches in Romania.  I also liked that these are rescued bears, not a zoo, and I think more people would also appreciate seeing them if they know that. Thank you for all your help and the wonderful holiday.

Sara Lueloff, USA, October 2015

Bran & Peles Castles Day Tour


The tour was wonderful! All 6 of us had a terrific time and we were all very impressed with Elena. She was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She tried wry hard to get us back by 5:45, but our requests for souvenir shopping and bathroom stops complicated her efforts. There was no problem from us returning a little late. Elena and the driver did a great job. Thanks for arranging this memorable tour for us.

Anne, USA, October 2015

Wildlife Tour in the Danube Delta - Long Weekend


The trip was AMAZING!  I loved the Danube Delta and the guide was fantastic. He knew so much about the Delta and wildlife and little hidden spots we would have otherwise never seen.  I loved it. Thank you for all of your help in organizing this!

Kris Morrow, USA, September 2015

Bucharest City Break and Bran & Peles Castles Tour - Tailored

Hello! I miss Bucharest already!

You have been very professional and wonderful to work with and I was very impressed with the level of care you gave to me and my family. The customer service was excellent and much appreciated. Alex was an excellent guide and driver and we would request him again and will pass your information and his along to friends and family. He was professional and friendly and gave us a good feel for the city and the country.  Thank you both so much!

Lexie, USA, August 2015 

Weekend with Dracula Tour

Hi Alexandra, 

We couldn't have hoped for more! I would highly recommend Romania Tours if you want to get a good glimpse and understanding of the country's history and heritage.  The food, the warmth of the people, and the enigmatic scenery are well worth it.

We hired a private tour, taking us across several cities and towns in Transylvania and Walachia. Catalin, our guide was very knowledgable and accommodating to all our needs and requests, including an additional stop at a bear sanctuary.  We enjoyed our tour and the time with our tour guide! We liked every single stop during our trip, getting the best explanation from our tour guide and some great insights to Romanian culture.  

We also enjoyed the places where we stayed for the nights of the tour. The first night we stayed at a guesthouse, where the owners cooked dinner from scratch (yes, including the cheese, wine and local 'brandy'), it was all homemade and truly delicious. On the second night we stayed in Bran village, with a beautiful view to the castle.

Catalin was fantastic, please send him our thanks and if coming through Romania again we will be sure to go through you guys again!

Ashley Clayton, UK, July 2015

Complete Transylvania & Maramures Tour - Tailored

Hi Alexandra!

I'm not quite home, but have had some time to reflect. First of all want to say what an outstanding guide Catalin was, he quickly ascertained our travel style and adapted our journey accordingly. His extra efforts in procuring carpets while we were in the north of the country was very much appreciated. One drawback, which was no fault of his, was our lack of Lei while we were in that area, I would suggest that you emphasize to future clients that if they plan on purchasing goods outside of the main cities that they make sure to have enough Lei to cover any perspective items or even have enough for the unexpected items which may present themselves. Catalin was very gracious in covering our shortfall, but I was upset that I placed him in that situation. 

Also wanted to say how much we appreciated Catalin's daily recommendations on local dining venues, if it hadn't been for his choices we would have missed so much in Romanian cuisine. He was the rare guide who was willing to dine with us on a regular basis, for which we were very grateful. His knowledge of local history and geography were a great asset, and he presented it all in a way that was not overwhelming. Like a superb waiter at a fine restaurant, he had excellent timing and grace. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a guide for just about any personality type, he knows how to "read" people. 

Romania I will highly recommend to anyone I can, your country was an excellent value with an amazing history, culture, cuisine, and landscape. The country was beautiful and I will return again. Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity to experience your country, your services made the trip the stuff of memories  I will always reflect fondly upon. 

Dave Spaeth, Canada, July 2015

Transylvania Tour - Tailored

Hello  Alexandra,

Our tour of Romania was excellent, and owes a lot to the knowledge and skill of our driver as well as to your organisation. We learned a lot and we enjoyed the whole trip. We particularly enjoyed: the smaller country hotels; the local food (and beer/wine); the attractive green countryside; and, all the knowledge about your fine country that we gained from our (your) excellent driver.

Many thanks for your help!


Andrew Branson,  New Zealand

Alexandra:   Please let me add to Andrew’s email my gratitude to you and Catalin for all the assistance you provided to make our visit to Romania most memorable. As Andrew says we have already passed on the good experience to others thinking of visiting a country that is a little off the beaten track for European and American tourists.

While I was a little perturbed by all the tourist plastic junk being sold at Bran, and the thought of a Disneyland that Catalin told us about, I can see that Romania is prepared for greater tourist input.  I do hope that the small hotels, and restaurants serving Romanian food do not become overwhelmed, or taken over by large multi-national companies. We particularly enjoyed the replacement hotel with its view of Bran castle, off the beaten track literally, and not a  place that we would have found without Catalin’s good driving and local iknowledge.
As for Catalin as a tour driver, we could not have asked for any more.  He is a fount of great knowledge, and apprised of history, geography, and social conditions with great grace.  His driving is excellent, and he provided great companionship. Above all he made us want to come back to Romania,and to alert others to our great experience.
May Romania thrive and expand under your company’s gracious handling of tourists.  
Many thanks again.  

Nancy, New Zealand, June 2015

Medieval Transylvania Tour

Hi Alexandra,

Sorry for the delayed reply as we've had limited internet connection while on the road. 

The tour was very very good and Mr. Catalin is an excellent guide. We are very blessed to have him as our guide. His patient and detailed explanations have definitely given us more insight into Romania and surely better than any travel book or blog could have ever provided. We had a wonderful time especially staying in the home stay with lovely Mrs. Adriana Oltean. It reminded me so much of happy childhood times at a relative's house! 

Thank you for organizing this lovely tour. I will surely recommend your tour company to my friends and relatives when they wish to visit Romania. 

Yours sincerely,

Lim SY, Malaysia, June 2015

Medieval Transylvania Tour

Dear Alexandra,                         

Our guide and driver was excellent. He spoke good English, drove safe and well. His knowledge and passing on information was excellent. If something of interest appeared, Catalin went out of his way to stop and let us see.

I would thoroughly recommend both Romania Tours and the driver.

Kind regads,

Harry Kimble, Australia, May 2015                        

Transylvania Tour - Tailored

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for a wery well organized and interesting trip. We were all impressed by Romania, the people, architecture, nature and would love to come back another time, maybe in the summer. Our guide Andrei did a great job, impressing how much he knows about your history. Thanks, and hope to also see you next time. Keep up the good work. :)

Espen Lynne, Norway, November 2014

Medieval Transylvania Tour

Dear Alexandra,

My sister and I recently travelled with your guide and services. Excellent car and guide! He is very knowledgeable , a pleasant and cultured person. We will surely recommend your agency and Catalin to our friends here in Brazil and in Miami where my sister lives.

We also loved Romania and will be back soon. Thanks and keeep up the good work!

Fernanda Caiuby and Gisela Millian, October 2014

Medieval Transylvania Tour

Dear Alexandra,

We would just like to say how much we enjoyed the tour. It was very well organized & Alexander was the best guide we could have had he was always patient with two old ladies, helpful & informative. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your tour to anyone.

Phil Mcneale, London, September 2014

Mysterious Nights with Dracula Tour

Hi Alexandra

I loved my trip to Romania. Thank you so much for organising this trip for me. Romania was more than I expected. The food, the people, and the destinations on the tour were all fantastic. The accommodation was excellent and my guide (Catalin) was brilliant.

I will be recommending Romania as a must see holiday choice for my friends and family. I hope to come back some day and see other parts of the country as well. As for the trip, I would not have changed a thing. We spent the right amount of time in each location, and the free time to explore the city was a bonus. Each of the places we stayed at was excellent. Thanks for the hotels that you recommended. Catalin was great. He had great knowledge about all the places we visited and he was easy to talk to, so I felt comfortable asking him questions.

Michael, Australia, September 2014

Complete Transylvania Tour

Dear Alexandra,
I am writing to thank Romania Tours for an excellent holiday which surpassed our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed your country, it historical sites and scenic beauty,  and people, who were so helpful. The weather was also very kind to us. would we visit again? -yes! Would we recommend it to our friends? - most certainly.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for making all the arrangements in a very efficient and helpful manner, as well as having the flexibility to meet our specific requirements. It was a delight to share our dinner with you on our first night. Again , thank you. Should come to the UK Cambridge area let us know.
Secondly, we are seasoned travellers who recognise the importance of the guide/driver to the success of a tour. Alexandru Badea was outstanding. He was knowledgeable, spoke good English, flexible for change, had a good sense of humour, introduced us to good restaurants and importantly was a safe driver. We  enjoyed his company and learnt a lot about Romania and its people in general.  Please pass on this email to Alex. One more thing to mention was our visit to the bear sanctuary. It was really interesting and enjoyable, and worth including in the regular itinerary.

John Upham, UK, September 2014

Bucovina: Famous Painted Monasteries Tour

Hello Alexandra,

We are all safely back home having enjoyed our trip. The schedule worked out perfectly with everyone and the trains showing up on time. The hotel in Suceava  was good and the breakfast enjoyable. Our guide, Gabriel,  was very knowledgeable and very helpful. We were very impressed with all of the monasteries we saw. The dinners we had were good. A very enjoyable trip and many thanks to you for your help in coming to the Hotel Royal to meet us.

Honor (Elizabeth), Ireland, September 2014

Treasures of Romania Tour

Hi Alexandra,

Kay & I had a wonderful time in Romania and thoroughly enjoyed the 7 day Treasurers of Romania private tour with Silviu Dumitru.

Our adventure began with the exchange of email with you on October 9, 2013.  Your helpful suggestions guided us to the selection of the Treasures of Romania tour which afforded us the best opportunity to discover the traditional Romanian lifestyle and the most important UNESCO sights of Romania.   We enjoyed each of the 6 properties that you selected for us for our tour. Both of us REALLY like Casa Călin in Varma.  It offers a very special countryside experience. You also helped us in the selection of Hotel Central in Bucharest conveniently near Cişmigiu Park and Vatra Restaurant. During our week with Silviu, we were able to learn and see a lot.  Silviu is a fantastic guide, an excellent driver and now a good friend.  Romania is lovely and perfectly safe.  The people we met in Romania were without exception warm and gracious.  We most especially appreciated the harder to reach areas of Maramureş, Bistrita-Năsăud, Suceava and Neamţ counties in the north.  Those who visit Romania without seeing these counties are missing a lot. 

Our only regret was that we did not have the opportunity to meet you in Bucharest to personally thank you for all of your help. We shall certainly recommend Romania and the services of Romania Tours to all of our friends.

Clifford and Kay Sweet, California, July 2014