The art of woodwork

Carpenter. A carpenter is a tradesperson in the building industry who specialises in working on the woodwork of homes, buildings, and various other wooden structures and parts used in construction.Wooden barrels have been the most often used carpentry products for storing and transporting things for numerous centuries. One of the oldest techniques for preserving traditional flavours is the fermentation of pickles and cabbage, which continues to be practised today.

The Maramureș Gates. The tourist is impressed by the gates as they travel through the Maramureș valleys and through the centuries-old regions. In Romania and throughout the world, Maramureș gates are remarkable.The Gates were thought to have a cultural significance in defining the region and serving as the owner's status marker. A gate is used to separate the private area of the home from the community's outside. They are mainly built of oak wood. Special oils and varnishes are applied to the entire piece to preserve it from weathering and ensure a beautiful ageing process.Why are these structures so unique, you might be wondering. Wood differs from other materials in that it can last for a much shorter period of time than stone and rock. Wood often lasts only up to 200 years, depending on its type, how it was dried, and the climate. Consequently, the value of these wonderful pieces is significantly greater. Every processed motive has its own significance. For instance, the infinite symbol is a spreading wing; the tree is a representation of life and unfertilized vitality. Additionally to serving a decorative purpose, designed elements frequently have a legend or a tradition associated with them. Extremely talented artists like Constantin Brâncuși were impressed by the wooden works of art due to their fame. The magnificent composition from Maramureș County, Romania's 'Wood Country,' served as the inspiration for one of his best pieces, the Gate of the Kiss.

Wooden churches from Maramureș. While their construction is different from the other wooden churches in Maramureş County and Transylvania, the Maramureș region's wooden churches are all part of the same distinguished family of wooden churches in Romania.As a result of their distinctive religious architecture and timber construction procedures, eight were included to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1999. These are: Bârsana, Budești, Desești, Ieud, Plopiș, Poienile Izei, Rogoz, Șurdești.

Cimitirul Vesel (Merry Cemetery). Cimitirul Vesel is located in Romania, in the town of Săpânța. Due to its colourful crosses and graves that are ornamented with humorous epitaphs that serve as the perfect amount of amusement in remembrance of the deceased, Cimitirul Vesel, also known as Allegro Cemetery, has grown to be quite a famous place of memorial. This cemetary is a magnificent outdoor museum where each grave is a miniature work of art. Over 800 carved wooden crosses illustrating pictures of the lives of the deceased are there; each one is unique.

Wooden Spoons. The traditional folk port is portrayed on the hand-painted wooden spoons from the Maramureş county. The vast majority of Maramureş wooden spoons, especially the painted ones, are ornamental. Furthermore, it is recommended avoiding touching the water, to be able to enjoy their beauty and uniqueness as much as possible.

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