Tasty local food

Be sure that when you come to Romania you come with a great apetite! That's because romanian cuisine is known to be very hearty and delicious; it has plenty of meat specialties (take a good look at menus if you are vegan or vegeterian), meats which are paired with rich sides and most of the time with a traditional alcoholic beverage. 

There are plenty of traditional restaurants everywhere you go, because we take good pride in our food, and we are sure you'll like it! You can also visit traditional farmers' markets which are to be found in big cities and also on the countryside, to make sure you taste locally produced bio foods! And if you happen to travel in Transylvania, there you can also try the hungarian-type products found in Romania.

Some examples of tasty foods to try: sarmale, polenta, zacusca, ciorba, mici, sausages, pickles. 

If you want a gastronomical special tour of Romania, it is a great chance to pair it with winetasting! 


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