Biertan Fortified Church


The architectonic ensemble from Biertan impresses by a harmonious matching in locality, by its esthetic and historic value and especially by the original substance preserved since the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, characteristics which determined its inclusion on The UNESCO List of World Patrimony.

Biertan locality lays in the middle of the Transylvanian plateau, in the North of the Sibiu county, at equal distance between the cities Medias and Sighisoara. 

Biertan is documentary testified for the first time in 1283, along with other 7 villages, inhabited in that period by the Saxons of Transylvania, in a document about the taxes demanded to the Catholic priests from the Transylvanian - Saxon communities by the Catholic Capital from Alba Iulia.

The fortified Church of Biertan was the Evangelic Episcopal See for 300 years (1572 – 1867), and the religious centre for the Saxons in Transylvania. Built on a hill, situated in the center of the locality, the church dominates, through its silhouette, the walls, the streets and the houses of the village.

In 1993 it was included in the UNESCO world patrimony, being considered the most valuable of the seven Saxon attraction points included on that list.

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Biertan Fortified Church