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    Ana Aslan Health Spa is a state-of-the-art temple for relaxation, health and beauty. The stress relieving therapies and the ancient relaxation rituals are combined with the rejuvenation and body toning procedures, given that this center, one of the best Spa’s on the Black Sea shore, is also renowned for treatment and rehabilitation.


    "Let's bring life and years back to life", Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan


    Dr. Ana Aslan - the woman who discovered the secret of youth without aging!  

    Born in 1896, Prof. dr. Ana Aslan developed in 1951 the famous Gerovital H3 formula, thus leading the way in medicinal gerontology worldwide to become one of the most renowned and awarded Romanian researchers. A year later, she was awarded the 'Leon Bernard' international honours by the World Health Organization for her contribution to the field, and many other awards followed throughout the years. After observing, testing and proving for the first time the effectiveness of procaine, a strong local anesthetic in the fight against ageing, the woman that has defeated time dedicated her entire life — until the age of 92 — to the geriatric treatment. Ana Aslan invented the Gerovital concept and later the Aslavital formula and founded a complex geriatric program that has been enjoyed by Tito, Charles de Gaulle, Hrusciov, J.F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Marlene Dietrich, Konrad Adenauer, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and Kirk Douglas. 


    Located at the seaside inside the Europa Hotel, the elegant Ana Aslan Health Spacenter in Eforie Nord is a revitalization haven for the body, mind and spirit!

    The traditional spa therapies using seawater and mud from the Techirghiol Lake are complemented by innovative laser, ultrasound and ionization procedures. Exceptional recreation is available for guests of all ages; you can enjoy sports, spa, rehabilitation therapies, massages, facials, body toning sessions, as well as anti-ageing and masculine revitalization treatments. The wide space featuring a fluid design inspired by the sea boasts a complete range of facilities: heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and treatment rooms.

    Balneary treatment: The classic European spa is a thermal - mineral water springs resort, where people take a cure under medical supervision. Romania has one third of European thermal and mineral springs. The healing effect of these springs is proved and make these spas so popular. First discovered by ancient Romans, Hercules Spa (Baile Herculane) and Calimanesti-Caciulata Spa, from where Napoleon III use to take mineral water are famous spas. Romania is very rich in mineral resources, as the thermal, the sulfurous or salted water, the natural mud. The salt-mines, the ozone rich mountain air are other healing natural factors.

    Black Sea curative factors: The resorts on the Black Sea coast, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud and Techirghiol are well-known for the curative properties of the black, sapropelic mud extracted from nearby lake Techirghiol. The strongly ionized air, the sea aerosols, and the wide beaches provide excellent conditions for combining vacation with balneary and geriatric cures. Neptun and Mangalia, also the sea coast, have facilities for the treatment of degenative rheumatic diseases, as well as for articulary and inflamatory ailments.

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