Sibiu General Information

Location: centrally located, near the mountainside
Size: 121 sq km
Elevation: circa 415 m 
Population: circa 134.000 
Distance from Bucharest: 282 km 

Sibiu is magical indeed. For those who live here, for those who visit it, for those who read or learn about it and for those who discover it. To discover its charm and stories, you need to roam around the streets, pass every wall and go by every house in Sibiu. 

Sibiu/Hermannstadt as European Capital of Culture in 2007 aims at opening gates through which the city’s rich cultural landscape and diverse life will meet that of Europe.

Sibiu/Hermannstadt is perceived as a city of art and culture. A great number of cultural monuments, a diversity of museums, and various artistic and cultural events, make up the pillars of a complex cultural profile. 
Using this simple premise, an attractive and stimulating atmosphere has been created for residents and visitors who take the opportunity to experience cultural life in this Transylvanian city
Today, old Sibiu still possesses much of its erstwhile charm, a character carefully preserved for posterity, and subject of several high-profile restoration projects. 
It is also an easy city to explore on foot, one with a good selection of restaurants, pavement cafes and beer gardens, but perhaps the most enduring memory is that of the dormer windows overlooking the squares in such a manner that they give the eerie impression that you are always being watched - these are the 'eyes of Sibiu.
Known in German as Hermannstadt, Sibiu has always been the centre of Romania's German minority since medieval times. Even today, it contains Romania's largest German community, and, due to initiatives by the local government, the Germanic feel of the area has been maintained. Sibiu also has a significant Hungarian minority, remnants of Transylvania's past as part of the Hungarian Empire and, later, Austria-Hungary.
How will it surprise you?
  • Sibiu feels like a city mixed with medieval history but also european modernity. You will be delighted to walk on foot through its center, and to arrive at The Big Square with the buildings in gothic, baroque and renaissance styles, like Brukenthal Palace. Next to it lies The Small Square, characterized by arches and loggias and dormer roof windows, which create the feeling of "the eyes of the city" that are watching you from all directions. 
  • A famous spot is the Liars Bridge which connects two neighbourhoods, lower and upper town. It's called like this because of a legend that says that the bridge was filled with the liars of lovers and merchants passing by during the centuries, but seriously speaking, it was just because of a phonetic misunderstanding of its original name in german. 
  • If you want to feel another part of history, ASTRA Museum will welcome you and show you various traditional houses, open-air, and you will feel transported back in time into rural grounds. 
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