Iron Gates Natural Park

Distinctive geological, geomorphic and biological diversity including important wet areas and traces of settlements from the Paleolithic era make Iron Gates Nature Park a veritable outdoor museum! In the "Cazanele Mari" area, Danube river's narrowest gorge, 53m deep and 150m wide, the water is foreced through such a constricted space that it creates extremely strong currents which make the surface appear to be constantly boiling, hence the name "cazane" which is translated as "boilers".

For many years, this barrier of rocks rising from the Danube and the turbulent water made navigating the river almost impossible. But you can still take an impressive boat ride to admire this beautiful danubian canyon! (Could also be called the Romanian Grand Canyon!)

In biodiversityt terms, Iron Gates region is one of Romania's richest regions, harbouring many species which are of great scientific interest. Beech and durmast forests cover 75% of the mountains nearby. Beech, yew and bilberry trees are unusual at such low altitudes (968 m), but they still appear! - while some lowland varieties as wild lilac, Turkey oak and flowering ash can be found in the Danube gorge at uncharacteristically high altitudes! Interesting, right?

The Danube River plays an important role in this region! It forms a natural border between Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, crosses the Southern Carpathian Mountains, creates its own gorges and nurtures the Danube Delta biosphere reserve before flowing into the Black Sea. This national park is unique as it hosts the longest gorge in Europe formed by the Danube river of no less than 134 km. So there’s no better place to go on a river cruise than here – which is one of the main tourist attractions to admire the amazing landscapes these rocky cliffs offer! 

Other popular activities for tourists are hiking, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, exploring caves, bird watching and hunting. The massive statue of King Decebal is also another tourist hotspot you can admire in this protected area.

Even though the area could be described as less accesible, it is totally worth the visit! There's a long ride towards it, as it lies in the sout-west of Romania where there are no big towns, and where nature takes more control!

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