Brasov General Information

Location: centrally located, near the mountainside
Size: 267 sq km
Elevation: circa 600 m 
Population: circa 237.000 
Distance from Bucharest: 185 km 

Situated in the heart of Romania, the city of Brasov benefits from the influence of an ancient history.

A little bit of history
Much before the discovery of written documents, the archaeologists discovered traces of civilisation going back to the Bronze Age. Therefore the site discovered on Dealul Melcilor became well known in Europe. Other archaeological sites found in different places around Brasov prove that there lived a strong community of native population, mixed later on with Roman colonists developing into the Romanian population.
At the beginning of 13th century the Saxons (German population coming from the region of Rhein and Mosel) colonised the region of Brasov, finding here a strong Romanian community.
The genuine character of the city will come from the mixture of two different cultures and mentalities. The origins of Brasov as a town are lost in the dark times of medieval age. However it is known that it developed as different communities living here decided to come together into a city.
The first written documents on Brasov go back to 1235, when the city was mentioned as Corona. Later on the city was known also as Brasco, Brasso, Stephanopolis, Kronstadt, and Brasov. However the most popular names of the city are the last two ones.
Thanks to its geographical position and the good connections to Moldavia and Wallachia, Brasov grew economically fast, becoming one of the most important centres of Transylvania.
Today, it's one of the most visited cities in Romania thanks to its beautiful architecture and richness in history. Here you can find things such as: The Rope Street (name given because it's so narrow!), The Black Church, the city's gothic landmark, The Council Square, where you can find the greatest restaurants around and see the Brasov sign that watches all the toursits from above, and speaking of can go uphill to it! These are only a few of the beautiful touristic objectives which you can visit, but basically, just a simple stroll around the city is bound to fascinate you!
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