Oradea General Information

Location: Western Romania
Size: 115 sq km
Population: 183.000
Distance from Bucharest: 600 km
Distance from Cluj-Napoca: 167 km

Discover a welcoming, fresh and lively city! Oradea takes on color and captures you through a surprising architectural mix.

Located just 8 miles from the Hungarian border and spanning both shores of the Crisu Repede River, the elegant city of Oradea is a great starting point for exploring Romania, especially if you plan on starting from the west otherwise, the trip from the capital is pretty long!)

First documented in 1113, under the Latin name Varadinumthe city was administered at various times by the Principality of Transylvania, the Ottoman Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1598, the Oradea fortress was besieged and, on August 27, 1660, it fell to the Ottoman raids, only to be seized in 1692 by the Austrians.

The beauty and cultural richness of Oradea today is undoubtedly due to the contribution made by the multitude of ethnic groups that have found their place here since the Middle Ages. Whether it was Hungarians, Romanians, Italians, Germans, Jews, Roma or Slovaks, they all lent the city part of their identity baggage, a fact that led, over time, to the city's prolific development. You will find traces of these influences, in the form of secular or religious buildings, events, in gastronomy or in craft workshops. The history that we present to you here is a sign of gratitude to each ethnic group, for their contribution to the evolution and development of Oradea, from its beginnings to the present day.

The picturesque town of present-day Oradea was rebuilt in the 18th century to the plans of Viennese engineer Franz Anton Hillebrandt following the then-trendy Austrian architectural style called Secession with its richly decorated facades of pale pink, blue, green and white. In addition to the many Baroque buildings, Oradea is remarkable for its particularly rich collection of Art Nouveau architecture.

Today it is a thriving city, a city of relaxation and health, a paradise of thermal waters that it forms together with Băile Felix and Băile 1 Mai. All this makes Oradea a #SlowLivingCity where you live with love and where you will definitely want to come back!

How many walks does it take to fall in love with a city? In the case of Oradea, by itself. Each route you start has something special to catch your eye. Whether you want to rediscover distant history, enjoy a moment of reconnection in the middle of nature or a special evening in the city, Oradea and Bihor county always have something to attract you, regardless of the season.

Oradea is waiting for you to take it in stride and discover its architectural jewels: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 objectives classified as historical monuments, 25 objectives proposed with value for classification as historical monuments and 38 objectives with architectural value undeniable. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable city break in the #MuseumCity!

Add this city to your list, because it will impress you with:

  • Oradea Fortress
  • Black Hawk Palace
  • Moskovits Palace
  • Darvas-La Roche House
  • City Hall Tower

Baile Felix, a medical spa and resort located only 10 km south of the city, is home to several thermal springs and medical centers offering treatments that alleviate rheumatism, arthritis, and neurological problems. It's one of the most important spa resort of Romania. The area of Oradea in general is full of thermal waters that make it the go-to destination for this type of holiday!

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