Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Fairy lands to watch the nature show!

Price from: 1250€/pers
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Fairy lands to watch the nature show!

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Fairy lands to watch the nature show!

Price from: 1250€/pers
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - Fairy lands to watch the nature show!

The Danube Delta consists of an intricate pattern of marshes, channels, streamlets, and lakes. Its average altitude is 0.52 meters, with 20 percent of the territory lying below sea level. More than half of the delta does not exceed one meter in altitude. It serves as a haven for diverse flora and fauna, including rare bird species, fish, and aquatic plants.

The Danube Delta is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exceptional natural value. It is Europe’s largest wetland and reed bed, playing a crucial role in water purification.

In this amazing tour you have the chance to (almost) fully discover all the natural and historical beauties that lie here - 10 days time to discover everything by boat and by car with a private guide.

PRICES FROM: 1250€/pers
Departures: March-October
Duration: 9 nights/ 10 days
PRIVATE TOUR: Private/group
day by day trip
Day 1
Bucharest - Tulcea.

In Bucharest, the guide will pick you up from your hotel or from the airport and will transfer to Tulcea (circa 4 hrs drive).

The drive from Bucharest to Tulcea offers a captivating journey through diverse landscapes, connecting the bustling capital city to the serene Danube Delta. As you approach Tulcea, the scenery becomes more picturesque, with glimpses of waterways and marshes. The road runs parallel to the Danube River, offering occasional glimpses of its meandering course.

Accomodation in Tulcea in a 3* guesthouse. 

Day 2
Entering the Delta - Litcov Channel - Crisan.

Starting now, the trip will be by water way, on a boat for bird watching. It is the day when plenty of birds can be seen all over and very close: the pelicans, herons or woodpeckers .

As you navigate on the Litcov Channel by boat, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, serene waters, and abundant birdlife. The channel meanders through a mosaic of habitats, including floating islandswater lilies, and hidden coves. A perfect day for taking plenty of photos!

After a full day of traveling through channels, lunch on board, accommodation at night will be in Crisan village, in a very nice guest house situated along the Danube river, in the middle of the Danube Delta.


Day 3
Crisan - Caraorman village, crossing the lakes Puiu-Puiulet-Rosu-Rosulet to Sulina town.

We leave Crisan village and navigate towards Caraorman village, thorugh channels. They meander, revealing hidden corners where nature thrives undisturbed. A day very rich in bird watching: pelicans, a lot of species of herons, grebes, falcons (especialy red footed falcon), white tailed eagle...

We hop off the boat at Caraorman for lunch and also for seeing the sand dunes that are formed here.

Dinner and accomodation in Sulina town.

Day 4

Today we discover something else: Sulina - a very old romanian town, that was a pirate refugees port in old times. It is also the most eastern point of Romania. Interestingly, Sulina also holds the distinction of being the easternmost point in the contiguous European Union. So, if you ever find yourself standing on the shores of Sulina, you’ll be at the very edge of Romania and the EU, gazing toward the vast expanse of the Black Sea.

The town is very interesting for its international cemetery and the old light tower. Here, the Danube enters into the Black Sea...so we can rest for a little on the beach!

It is a walking day, and also, for bird enthusiasts, it is about to be another very interesting day. All meals will be served in Sulina (on board or restaurants). Accomodation in town.

Day 5
Sulina-Mila 23 village.

We leave the coast to return into the heart of the Delta. A very interesting day, crossing lakes, channels, near floating islands, towards the village called Mila 23. Here, you can relax in the afternoon, after a lunch on boat. 

The name of the village comes from the nautical miles assigned to the area, as a trademark for the distance on the old Sulina arm. Mila 23 is the only Lipovian village in the delta from the end of the 19th century which, despite numerous floods (in those days without protective dykes), managed to preserve its archaic charm. Here you can observe a lifestyle specific to fishing villages, which has survived unchanged over the centuries. Mile 23 is considered the center of the triangle formed by the three arms of the Danube and one of the most important starting points for routes that cross one of the most picturesque areas of the delta. It is renowned as the most important attraction of the Danube Delta for sports fishing enthusiasts.

Accommodation in this fishermen village, situated in the wildest place of the Danube delta. You must "feel" the sunset here and savour a delicious freshly caught dinner!

Day 6
Mila 23 - Heracle channel - Babina lake - Stipoc Monastery.

As all the days spent in this nature paradise, this day offers us an amaizing mixture of water, channels, reed, birds, fishermen, water lilies, sunrise and sunset.

The place we'll reach and see today is Stipoc monastery, situated in the heart of the Danube Delta in a very isolated place, in a perfect harmony with the nature... Then we will also navigate on the lakes Babina, Matita. Lunch on board. We will turn back to Mila 23 for, dinner and relaxation.

Day 7
Mila 23 - Furtuna lake - Baclanesti lake - Nebunu lake -Niculitel.

This is a very long bird watching day, probably the richest in bird species we will see. The landscapes will be also delightful and, being the last day spent in the Danube Delta, for sure you'll never forget it. We will navigate on several lakes that spread in the western part of the Delta. Breakfast in Mila 23 guesthouse, lunch on board.

Close to evening, we will disembark our boat and transfer by minivan to the village of Niculitel situated in the middle of a very famous vineyard, oportunity for us to taste some very delicious local wines and to eat a very tasty traditional romanian dinner and spend the night here.

Day 8
Niculitel - Saon monastery - Cocos and Celic Dere monastaires.

A peaceful day, visiting some very interesting monachal locations. 

First we will see Paleo-Christian Basilica in Niculitel, then Saon Monastery, Cocos Monastery and Celic Dere Monastery

Celic Dere one of the most important spiritual centers between the Danube and the Black Sea, and Cocos is a protected area of national interest that corresponds to the IV category of the IUCN (mixed nature reserve). The designation of the reserve is based on the birch grouse (Lyrurus tetrix), a bird species protected at European level on the IUCN red list and a  type of grove (Celtis glabrata).

Same accomodation in Niculitel.

Day 9
Niculitel - Babadag forest - Enisala - Histria.

We will go south today, towards Babagad Natural Reserve - one of the richest bird area in Romania, where we can see pratincols, dalmatian pelicans, warblers... different birds of prey (eagles, buzzards, falcons...).

Breakfast in Niculitel, luch in Babadag village. After that we will take a visit to Enisala Fortress. Built in the 14th century, the fortress had military purposes. Enisala is the only medieval fortress in Dobrogea that survived the Turkish-Russian wars of the 19th century. Enisala watched for potential enemy troop movements both by sea and land. 

We also visit Histria Antic City, a Greek colony at the Black Sea, founded in the middle of the 7th century BC. It is the oldest Greek colony west of the Black Sea and one of the first founded in the basin of this sea, being at the same time the first city attested on the territory of present-day Romania.

Accomodation in Babadag in a very special guesthouse.

Day 10
Babadag - Bucharest.

We will leave beautiful Dobrogea behind and head back to Bucharest airport. End of tour.

Services included
  • Transport by car/bus as per program
  • Transport by boat in the Danube Delta 
  • 9 nights accommodation in double rooms, bed and breakfast
  • Lunch on boat days 2, 5, 6, 7: meal plus tea, coffee, water
  • Professional English speaking guide, including bird watching guide in Danube Delta
  • Taxes for the protected areas
Not included
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Entrance fees to all the museums and touristic attractions included in the program.

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