Day 2: Vorornet, Sucevita and Humor Monasteries

Breakfast at the hotel. After that, we will leave in an amazing trip to visit the Moldavian painted monasteries Voronet, Sucevita and Humor.


The "Painted" Monasteries is the major Moldavian destination, because of the vivid and animated frescoes on their church walls. These depict Biblical and other scenes, designed in sequences almost like strip cartoons to educate the local people in the Orthodox religion. In acknowledgement of their singleness, the monasteries in Bucovina are now UNESCO protected cultural sites. The art historians compare their artistic value with the mural paintings of San Marco church of Venice or the church of Orvietto. The secret of the Moldavian painters who prepared the colors and the techniques that made the paintings incredibly resistant is still a mystery. 

Visit  Voronet Monastery -the most beautiful, founded in 1488 by the ruler Stephen the Great. It is also named the „Eastern Sistine Chapel” and the dominant color is the famous „blue of Voronet”. 

Sucevita is chronologically the last and greatest monastic ensemble among the painted monasteries in Bucovina, as it has the appearance of a real fortress, with towers, buttresses and watch roads. 

Visit  Humor Monastery - founded in 1530, is quite small. Its paintings include illustrations for a poem on the "Siege of Constantinople”. On other walls are the "Return of the Prodigal Son" and the Devil amusingly depicted as a greedy woman.


Return to our Moldavian guest house, in a dream landscape.

In the evening, you are invited to enjoy a romantic dinner in The Traditional Restaurant.