Trekking, wellness, nature wonders, old history in Bulgaria

Price from: 850€/pers
Credits Trekking, wellness, nature wonders, old history in Bulgaria

Trekking, wellness, nature wonders, old history in Bulgaria

Price from: 850€/pers
Trekking, wellness, nature wonders, old history in Bulgaria

If you feel active and adventurous enough, jump in on this trip in the Balkan area that will fulfill your soul with adrenaline and amazing memories, thanks to natural wonders and beautiful panoramas.

Also, our fine selection of luxury wellness hotels in Bulgaria introduces you into the powers of nature, immersing you into spa therapies that infuse mineral-rich mud and clay, sourced from the Black Sea, after enjoying guided hikes to majestic rocky mountains or spectacular lakes and caves.


PRICES FROM: 850€/pers
Departures: All year
Duration: 9 days
PRIVATE TOUR: by car/minivan
day by day trip
Day 1
First touch with the nature wonders of Bulgaria: Krushuna waterfalls and Devetashka cave.

Departure from Bucharest by car.

The drive takes about 3 hours and a half until we reach our first stop.

First stop: Devetashka cave, a former residential location for human tribes in the Neolithic and late Paleolithic period, then recent used by Hollywood movies and the Cold War era (secret military base), is an immense natural hall with big openings in the ceiling; home for baths now and crossed by a silent fresh rivulet;

Second stop is nearby: Krushuna waterfalls – a series of waterfalls, springs, rapids, and fast cascades, surrounded by a dense forest, fashioning the concrete type (travertine) and limestone rock formation, now part of a Natural Park along Maarata river.

Arrive in the afternoon in Sofia, after 2 and a half hour drive, in time for dinner.

Accommodation for this night and the next night in a luxury city-type spa hotel offering comprehensive services.

Day 2
A view of Sofia from the mountaintop – Vitosha mountains.

After breakfast, drive uphill to Aleko hut, then go trekking to the Cherni Vrah at 2290m altitude, in the Vitosha mountains. Emerged as a result of volcanic activity, here is the oldest nature park in the Balkan area, a symbol of Sofia city.

Return in Sofia in the afternoon, for a downtown walk or free time to spend. Accomodation in the same hotel.

Sofia, the second oldest city in Europe, having a history that goes back to the 7th Century BC.

Walking downtown of Sofia we see many archaeological sites and buildings that display the city's diverse history, either Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, French classic, or the 20th century communist shape - the castle gates and towers of Serdica, public buildings and streets thousands of years old; a large part of the ancient city of Serdica is underneath important modern buildings. For example, the ancient city council is hidden under the Sheraton hotel, while a number of basilicas are below the Hall of Justice. The Roman thermal baths are under the Sofia Mineral Baths and a Roman residence with elaborate mosaics is below the Rila hotel. The luxurios Balkan hotel and the Presidential building were constructed around the ruins and the body of Rotonda, the oldest surviving church in Sofia (330 AD). The city fell under the Otoman rule for nearly 500 years, then rapidly changed to the new European fashion, in the 20th century.

Day 3
Pirin Mountains and the second tallest peak of Bulgaria, Vihren.

Another day for trekking! After breakfast we follow the rocky trails in Pirin National Park, UNESCO Heritage Site, being surrounded by scenic immense blocks of mountains, the zipped Koncheto ridge and the highest peak, Vihren.

The road is taking us at Vihren Chalet, at 2000m altitude. From here we start directly the hike to Vihren. Prepare yourself for a hot day, walking up the steep rocky terrain, following the craggy path to the ridge. The last part on the ridge, then we achieve the peak, mounting the top to witness an outstanding view!

From the summit we have a magnificent view of the whole Pirin national Park, the Kutelo and the Koncheto ridge overlooking some glacial lakes, the mountains from Northern Greece in the background to the West and South, as well as glimpses of Rila Mountains to the North.

Descend and after that we drive to Sapareva Banya resort; the town is renewed for the hottest mineral thermal spring in Europe and the only active geyser in Balkan area.

Accommodation at a spa hotel, a good opportunity for recovery and relaxation through the healing properties of the mineral water. 

Day 4
The mountain breeze over the glacial lakes – The Seven Lakes form Rila Mountain.

Today we will see one of the best hikes in Bulgaria, the stunning Seven Rila Lakes route that starts from the drop off point of the chair lift, at 2095m and goes up till the highest lake, at 2535m altitude. Our feet will pass nearby the water course remains from the glacal period, beginning with the “Lower Lake” and ending to the highest, the “Tear”.

Descend in the afternoon and drive to Borovets resort, the gateway to another hiking area in Rila Mountains, towards Musala peak, the highest of Bulgaria (2925m).

Accommodation at a cozily located in the pine forest of the Rila Mountains, offering mesmerizing views over the mountains. Relax in the SPA center after a long hiking day; get the benefit of the outdoor or indoor pools, as well as the thermal zone, aiming to achieve a fresh restless, balanced with a tranquil emotional and spiritual state.

Day 5
The summit of Balkan peninsula – Musala peak.

For this day, prepare yourself for the strenuous hike up to 2925m altitude; it will take at least 6hrs, but is worth! The gondola (operating wed -sun) is taking us up to 2369m altitude – Yastrebets summit, then on foot to the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula (not only from Bulgaria!), Musala summit. Once on the summit you’ll rewarded with an extraordinary mountain experience, enjoying the majestic view of the entire Bulgaria’s high mountains - Rila, Pirin and Rodophes massifs.

Return at Brovets resort, accommodation at the same hotel.

Day 6
The Antiquity & Middle Age history of Bulgaria – Plovdiv city.

Today, see Plovdiv and few of its highlights:

The Old Town of Plovdiv – historical and architectural reserve that is situated on the three-volcanic hill area, the center of cultural, political and enlightenment activities, back in the 18th century during the Bulgarian Revival. In fact, the site is a living museum that displays the architectural brilliance of the Bulgarians, who turned previous houses into museums, art galleries or tourist facilities.

Remnants of the past from the ancient Philippopolis, the old name of Plovdiv - ruins of a Tracian temple which was constructed by the Romans, the Ancient Theatre (the best-preserved amphitheater in the whole Bulgaria), he Roman Stadium which is a replica of the stadium in Delphi, Greece, the Statue of Philip II who ruled the Thracian kingdom back in the 4th century BC, or the The Roman Forum. 

Drive in the afternoon towards Rhodopes mountains for accomodation in the area.


Day 7
The vultures and the Thracian legends from Rhodopes mountains.

The spectacular Rhodopes mountains are one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, full of unique nature, history and atmosphere.

The day trip planned will mark some of the interesting attractions from the area, preserving remains of a volcanic activity, dated back 35 mllions years ago: the beautiful meanders of Arda river, the protected area Kovan Kaya, interesting rock formations (ex the “Black Rock”), local flora and fauna – such the extremely rare Lesser Kestrel or the Blue rock thrush, as well as the impressive vultures (3 species, part of a Protection and Conservation European program).

Kovan Kaya represents also a one of the most mystical places in Bulgaria, over 100 niches in the steep rock being used by the Thracians for various meanings (rituals, gods worshipping, burials). Next to Kovan Kaya we find the most famous cromlech complex in Bulgaria, known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge, built in the Early Iron Age – an ancient religious facility built of large stone blocks arranged in a circle or several concentric circles that can reach up to a hundred meters in diameter.

Accomodation at the same hotel.

Day 8
The glorious history of the Second Bulgarian Empire (Veliko Tarnovo).

We’re heading North of Bulgaria today.

Discover the lifestyle of the 18th century Bulgarian merchants and craftsmen by exploring the architectural reserve of Arbanassi village, located on a plateau offering visitors spectacular views of Veliko Tarnovo and the neighbor Balkan Mountains.

Enjoy the afternoon tour to Bulgaria’s medieval capital, a must-see attraction – as it is presented in most tourist guide books. Veliko Tarnovo represents the grandeur of the Second Bulgarian Empire at its peak. Admire some of the most spectacular sceneries from Yantra river canyon, at whose shelter Veliko Tarnovo was built. Take a walking tour in the medieval hill-fortress Tsarevets, the former capital of Bulgaria from the 12th-14th centuries. You’ll enjoy the cobblestone streets, the views from Tsarevets, the little cafes (including the real Turkish coffee in the hot pot!) and the artisan shops from the old town.

Accomodation in a nice hotel in the old town of Veliko.

Day 9
Return to Bucharest.

Today marks the end of the trip, as we are heading towards Bucharest airport for departure. 


850 EUR - group of 8 persons

990 EUR - group of 6 persons

1269 EUR - group of 4 persons


Services included
  • Professional guide assistance, English speaking (or other languages upon request), during the whole trip; 
  • Transport by private modern AC car/mini-van (fuel and parking fees incl);
  • Airport pick-up/drop off;
  • 8 nights accommodation, breakfast included, spa entrances included, in 3*and 4* hotels;
Not included
  • Entrance fees to the touristic attractions included in the itinerary;
  • Photography fee;
  • Meals, other than those mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Other expenses (such as souvenirs, room service, tips and so on).

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