Ana Health Spa - Eforie Nord

Price from: 180€/pers
Credits Ana Health Spa - Eforie Nord

Ana Health Spa - Eforie Nord

Price from: 180€/pers
Ana Health Spa - Eforie Nord

Today, Eforie Nord treatments include mud baths as well as world-famous Gerovital and Aslavital original rejuvenation treatments. In addition, other therapies including Hot baths with concentrated salty water from Lake Techirghiol or from the sea; hot mud baths; warm packs with mud; aerosols; electrotherapy; hydrotherapy; physical therapy; treatments with Pell Amar, Gerovital and Boicil Forte are largely used.

The salt water mineralization of Lake Techirghiol is 15.5 g/l; the sapropelic mud extracted from Lake Techirghiol contains 70.2% water

The luxury Ana Health Spa and Europa Hotel from Eforie Nord harmoniously combine the three most desirable elements of any person living in the present day: health, relaxation and beauty, in a modern unitary concept. Here you will find the perfect combination of modern and traditional, meant to rebuild the balance between body and spirit, help you regain your state of wellbeing, vitality and inner peace. The medical recovery therapies that use natural therapeutic factors (vegetable slime mud from Techirghiol Lake, the Sun, sea water, therapeutic salt) and the Gerovital H3 products are combined with relaxation and invigoration therapies, therapies to reduce the effects of stress, traditional massages, face and body therapies, all meant to alleviate an array of afflictions and re-establish the physical, mental and emotional balance of the body as a whole.

Therapeutic prescriptions: Arthritis and rheumatoid disorders, Breathing and cardiovascular afflictions
Endocrine system problems (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism), Gynecological afflictions, Nervous system disorders, Peripheral nerve diseases, Skin problems

Spa facilities: Beauty spa, Fitness and rehabilitation centre, Indoor and outdoor pools with water brought from Lake Techirghiol or seawater, Jacuzzi & sauna, Massage

Treatments: Aerosols, Electrotherapy, Gerovital and Aslavital treatments, Hydrotherapy, Kinotherapy,
Thalassotherapy, Warm baths with concentrated salty water from Techirghiol Lake, Warm mud baths and mud applications

ANA HEALTH SPA harmoniously combines in a modern and unified concept the three desires of the 3rd millennium: health, relaxation and beauty. An oasis of calm and relaxation where you will find the perfect combination between modern and traditional, designed to restore the balance between body and spirit and help you find harmony, vitality and inner peace. What differentiates us are the natural resources offered in a 4-star complex, namely the sapropelic mud of Techirghiol and the salt water of the lake, therapies and procedures that are offered both in the offices, indoors, but also in the pools (indoor and outdoor).

Spa treatments restore health and vigor and are performed on the recommendation of our experienced doctors. We stand out for our holistic approach to our guests, the body is seen as a whole. Well-being is for us a duty of honor and is the basis of complex recovery and revitalization programs. Medical therapies using mud and salt water from Lake Techirghiol are applied in symbiosis with those for relaxation, stress reduction, with traditional massages or body and facial rituals. All of them are intended to alleviate a wide range of ailments and to restore the physical, mental and emotional balance of the organism as a whole. We aim to achieve "well-being", a concept that we continuously improve and promote.

On the other hand, relaxation therapies and traditional relaxation rituals are combined with new techniques and procedures for maintaining and toning the body. Traditional spa therapies are complemented by innovative laser, ultrasound or ionization procedures. You enjoy sports and balneo or recovery therapies, massages, facial and body remodeling rituals or anti-aging and male energization programs. The Ana Health SPA Eforie Nord offer includes:

  • Relaxation massages: Swedish, Stress Relief, Deep Tissue, Toning, Intuitive, Serenity scalp and cervical, Lomi-Lomi, Candle Massage, Ayurveda
  • Therapeutic massages: Mud massage, Back Pain, Lymphatic Drainage, Cervical Relaxation, Reflexology
  • Massages and facial treatments: Ayurveda Face Lift, Oxygenera, Source Thalgo, Klapp Gold, Klapp Vitamin A, X-Treme Hyaluron Infusion, Gerovital Alchemy, Man Klapp Power, Thalgo Ultimate anti-wrinkle, Thalgo Sillicium anti-wrinkle and lifting effect
  • SPA rituals: Ritual with honey, Ritual with gold, Thalgo Svelt Silhouette, Ritual Sakura, Wraps with paraffin
  • Hydrotherapy/hydromassage: Hydrokinetotherapy
  • Alternative treatments: Ritual for tired feet
  • Spa treatments: Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Bioptron, Tecar, mud baths, herbal baths, galvanic bath, physical therapy, mud anointing
  • Swimming pool: therapeutic, with salt water from Lake Techirghiol
  • Other services we offer: Medical consultation, EKG, Gerovital H3 injections
PRICES FROM: 180€/pers
Departures: May - October
Duration: 5 or 10 days / 4 or 9 nights
PRIVATE TOUR: Private tour
day by day trip
Treatment package I
Regeneration & Vitality with Tecar

Lack of an active lifestyle leaves its mark on our body. The skin loses its tone, elasticity, becomes dull and dull, cellulite is gaining ground. The toning massage of the whole body, associated with the sessions of TECAR (Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer - stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, improving skin density, revitalizing and regenerating the body. Package includes:

  • Toning body massage 50 minutes
  •  5 TECAR sessions 30 minutes ( one area)

Price: 5 days 320 € / person
Price: 10 days 600 € / person

Bonus: Free access to the Aqua Salty Delight area (Techirghiol Lake salty water pool, saunas, jacuzzi) and fitness room.

Treatment package II
Goodbye pain by Tecar

Do joint, spine and muscle aches bother you on a daily basis? Did you suffer a trauma or orthopedic surgery and want a quick recovery? Are you an athlete and want to keep fit? We offer you a mix between the revolutionary TECAR therapy (Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer) - which quickly relieves pain and stimulates natural healing processes) and personalized individual physiotherapy or hydrokinetotherapy sessions that improve joint mobility. The schedule is set by the specialist after a medical consultation. The package includes:

  • Symptom-oriented medical consultation
  • 5 TECAR sessions ( one area)
  • Physical therapy or personalized hydrokinetic therapy

Price: 5 days - 240 € / person
Price:10 days - 420 € / person

Day trip
Day trip – traces of the Roman heritage and wine-tasting with French savor

Morning drive to Adamclisi village. The Triumphal Monument is one of the most significant monuments of Roman provincial art, not only from the territory of Romania, but also from the whole extent of the ancient Roman imperial world. The Triumphal Monument, 42 m high, was inaugurated in 109 AD in memory of the victory obtained here by the Roman legions of the emperor Trajan during the first Dacian war (101-102 AD).

At approximately the same time as the monument, next to it, the Tropaeum Traiani fortress was built, inhabited by the Romans who, after the battles with the Geto-Dacians, settled in these lands. The citadel, located like an amphitheater, had imposing public edifices and civil constructions, towers and defensive walls made of large stone blocks, streets paved with stone tiles and a sewage system.

The monument was reconstituted and opened together with and the adjacent museum (lapidarium) in 1977.

Back to the Black Sea shore. Among the sea resorts stretched along the coast we choose Neptun-Olimp resort and the boutique winery – Clos de Colombes, with wines “in small quantities and as authentic as possible”, by quoting the owners. We find here fine and balanced wines with a terroir accent, worked in a traditional, artisanal way. Lunch and wine-tasting. 

Return to Eforie Nord in the afternoon.

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