THERME Bucharest - biggest spa complex in eastern Europe

Price from: 100€/pers
Credits THERME Bucharest - biggest spa complex in eastern Europe

THERME Bucharest - biggest spa complex in eastern Europe

Price from: 100€/pers
Credits THERME Bucharest - biggest spa complex in eastern Europe

Therme Bucharest is a captivating wellness and relaxation complex located very near to Bucharest, Romania (especially near the airport). It's a massive indoor tropical paradise designed for rejuvenation and enjoyment. It offers a variety of wellness activities to enhance your well-being, including water therapies, body treatments, heat acclimatization, skin health, and respiratory therapy. The complex is a must-see attraction in Bucharest, especially if you’re seeking a relaxing and fun experience.

What can you find there?

  • Heated Pools: Therme features heated pools where you can unwind and soak in warm water.
  • Water Slides: Thrill-seekers can enjoy exciting water slides.
  • Saunas: There are various saunas for detoxification and relaxation.
  • Massages: Pamper yourself with rejuvenating massages by specialists, or on hydro-massage beds.
  • Other Amenities: The complex also offers additional amenities for your comfort and enjoyment, such as bars, restaurants, and even a sand beach in the summertime. 

There are 3 main areas which have different admission prices, each having a special theme for all preferences. 

There's the Galaxy area, full of fun and adrenaline with water games and slides, there's the Palm area, full of pools, relaxation treatments and lush vegetation, and there's the Elysium area, reserved for the most exclusive saunas, restaurants and massages. Find out more about these below!

Good to know:

Don't forget to pack your slippers and swimsuit. You can rent a bathrobe or a towel after you enter. All of these are mandatory to use. Entering the spa with slippers from the outside is not allowed, a separate clean pair in your luggage is required. After you enter, there are plenty of lockers and dressing rooms for you to get ready. Leave all your belongings in the locker and be ready to relax and forget about the stressful outside! Don't worry about bringing money with you into the spa, paying inside is made through the bracelet you recieve (for drinks, food). If you want a massage, you have to make a reservation beforehand and pay separately when you arrive. 

The thermal water in the pools has 33 degrees Celsius, is rich in mineral salts, copper, zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium.

If you get a Galaxy ticket, you have to pay an exchange fee in order to go to the next area, The Palm, respectively from The Palm to Elysium.

The tickets can be bought for 3 hours, 4.5 hours or a fullday. 

PRICES FROM: 100€/pers
Departures: all year
Duration: all day
PRIVATE TOUR: private/group
day by day trip

In the Galaxy area you will find:

  • 16 water slides of varying degrees of intensity
  • a pool with waves, a water playground for children
  • outdoor pool, access to the beach and beach terrace
  • a relaxing inside pool with pool bar
  • relaxing lounge with chairs, infrared light beds, hydromassage beds
  • 3 themed saunas (Tropical Rain, Herbal Essences, Oriental Garden)
  • "Greens" Restaurant, snacks and sweets corner
  • a himalayan salt room designed as a library
  • Feng Shui park outside

3 hours: 12 EUR Mon-Thu, 14 EUR weekends and holidays

4.5 hours: 17 EUR Mon-Thu, 19 EUR weekends and holidays

Fullday:  23 EUR Mon-Thu, 25 EUR weekends and holidays

The Palm
The Palm

In the main are called The Palm you will find:

  • "Sands of Therme" main beach with pools and bars
  • the main Palm relaxing pool with poolbar
  • outdoor pool with jacuzzis
  • mineral water pools
  • lounge area with chairs, hydromassage beds
  • "Humboldt" restaurant
  • Rainforest Sauna
  • Pangea Park outside

3 hours: 16 EUR Mon-Thu, 19 EUR weekends and holidays

4.5 hours:21 EUR Mon-Thu, 24 EUR weekends and holidays

Fullday: 28 EUR Mon-Thu, 31 EUR weekends and holidays


The exclusive zone Elysium will welcome you with:

  • panoramic upper level lounge with chairs 
  • 6 themed saunas (Alhambra, Hollywood - with movies rolling, Bavaria, Amazon, Provence, Himalaya) - each sauna has different temperatures, layouts and infusion therapies, wet/dry 
  • Calla Shower to refresh after a sauna session, desgined to feel as standing underneath a real waterfall
  • Selenium and Zinc mineral pool with bar
  • Flower lounge with vegetation and infrared light beds
  • "Mango tree" exclusive restaurant, with sunset lounge
  • the treatment rooms where you can get massages or beauty treatments

Only fullday option: 22 EUR Mon-Thu, 26 EUR weekends and holidays


Request a quotation.

Services included
  • ride Bucharest - Therme and back
  • entrance fee
Not included
  • food and beverages at the location
  • robe and towel rent fees
  • massage and beauty treatment options

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