Ensana Health Spa - Sovata

Price from: 150€/pers
Credits Ensana Health Spa - Sovata

Ensana Health Spa - Sovata

Price from: 150€/pers
Ensana Health Spa - Sovata

Sovata is regarded as one of the world's best infertility treatment centers. It is located in the center of the country and is the world's largest heliothermic lake. The key curative ingredients are Ursu Lake's therapeutic waters and sapropelic mud, Alunis Lake's siliceous mud, and the pristine air filled with aerosols and negative ions. This beautiful lake resort, with its salty water, mud and pine-scented air, offers healing benefits for many health conditions, with exceptional success for women’s health issues.

Sovata is prescribed for a variety of conditions, including gynecological disorders, degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal, and lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis, and polyarthritis), cardiovascular, nutritional, and neurological illnesses.

The town is considered relatively young: the first inhabitants were settled there at the end of the 16th century, but it only really started to prosper when people discovered the great value of saltine springs and sodium-chloride mineral water, then built the first bathing establishments in 1872. Since then, the town became even more popular, and in the period after the First World War it was often visited even by the Romanian royal family. 

The salty waters of Lake Ursu created the fame of the resort through their heliothermic effect (as a result of the accumulation of heat by the salty water, temperature differences appear between the layers of water: 10 - 20 degrees Celsius on the surface, 30 - 40 degrees Celsius at 1m depth, 40-60 degrees Celsius at 1.5 m depth.

Ensana Health Group – Sovata, Bradet and Ursina hotels

For decades, health seekers have made a pilgrimage to the famous Bear Lake to undergo a cure with its salty waters or curative mud at the esteemed Ensana group health hotels to eliminate rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders, skin diseases, respiratory problems or gynaecological complaints. 

Spa treatments with salt water and medical mud can be done in the hotel's treatment base. The spa treatment consists in: balneo and hydrotherapy, gynecology, mechano and kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, mud wraps, inhalations, dermatology.

Therapies: Hot baths with salty mineral water from the lake, Hot mud applications, Physical Therapy, Electrotherapy, Sauna, Medical gymnastics.

The balneotherapy section includes procedures like: Alternating temperature baths, gynaecological mud tampon, mud pack, whirlpool bath, salty bath salty irrigation, underwater jet massage and interference currents.

The services offer also includes: medical massages, physical therapy (including diadynamic current, electro and ultrasound therapy), as well as physiotherapy – therapeutic exercises, lymph drainage and water rehabilitation.

The range of beauty and wellness treatments is carefully tailored to benefit skin needs and for mental relaxation. The cosmetic lines used are largely private labels developed using our own natural remedies. Due to the ingenious rituals, the wellness treatments provide unique relaxation experiences which are specifically aimed at stimulating the vagus nerve and leading to deep and measurable relaxation phases! The packages include various skincare procedures, as well as different massages&rituals performed by an individual therapist.

Combining great design, luxurious comfort and high- quality service, Bradet Health Spa Hotel is one of the country's premier spa hotels. The hotel has been extensively and completely renovated after 2000. Here it is used the healing power of natural resources in combination with state-of-the-art Western medicine, modern diagnostics, preventive therapies and innovative lifestyle medicine to achieve an integrative approach for strengthening and healing the body.

Sovata hotel provides a large and spa water world replete with salt water treatments, swimming and Kneipp pools, and an extensive sauna and therapy area for health, wellness and beauty treatments. The area is spreading on two floors over 2.800m², and includes various pools, a sauna world, relaxation rooms and a garden for sunbathing.

The Hotel Ursina offers a spacious spa with salt water treatments, a wellness pool, Kneipp pools and a generous sauna and therapy area for medical and maintenance treatments.

Outdoor trekking trails – Sovata resort

The Salt nature trail

The route runs near the Bear Lake and reaches some interesting sights in the resort, such as an observatory, or the Snake Lake, little known by tourists.

Although apparently short, the route can be extended depending on the stops, the deviations (because there are other secondary paths separating from the main one), and the pace. The route is easy, ideal for children who will surely find quite interesting the nature, the bridges, the wooden paths, and the short explanatory texts. Note the sinkholes created in the salt mountain and the wildness of nature in some areas.

The Bear Lake (Ursu) trail

The route is easy to follow, takes little effort, and can be done even by children, even if it has a few short climbing sections. Along the way, there are rest areas, viewpoints (at Salt Mountain and above Lake Paraschiva), as well as information panels, a toilet, and even a wi-fi point.

The distance of the route is short, but the walking time can vary between an hour and even half a day, if you make frequent stops or if you choose to combine this trail with the alt trail or even with a climb to Tivoli lake (at the end).


PRICES FROM: 150€/pers
Departures: May - October
Duration: 5 or 10 days / 4 or 9 nights
PRIVATE TOUR: May - October
day by day trip
Day trip to Praid
Salt Mine and Salt Canyon

Morning departure to Praid village, build at the base of an impressive salt hill, one of the biggest European deposit of salt.

The Praid salt mine, together with the Salt Canyon is one of the most visited areas of Transylvania. The whole existence of this small village is closely related to the salt mining and logging, back to Roman times.

Thanks to the stimulating climate, the air is very beneficial for the treating of many ailments as asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic kidney diseases, chronic sinusitis, pulmonary emphysema, silicosis I and II, respiratory infections and others. The treatments available in the mine are speleotherapy and climatotherapy, which include mine air inhalation, and are very beneficial in case of respiratory tract diseases. Practicing of sports is encouraged in the mines for a deeper inhalation and, therefore, sports fields and gymnastics classes have been developed inside.

The new salt mine has been open since 1981, during the visit people reaching the depth of 120 m. In the mine the visitors can visit the chapel with a salt altar, where a priest and pastors, representing all the religious communities, alternately keep masses. The children can play and enjoy themselves at the underground playground.

As part of the salt hill that includes the mine, the Salt Canyon was carved by water erosion during the geological time. Here, the salt comes out from under the layers of clay and the visitors are “welcomed” by sharp, lance-like spikes and edges, different and interesting karstic forms and salt flowers (which are constantly changing because of the eroding effect of water). Beside all these, the visitors can indulge themselves with a traditional salty mud bath. The canyon has special 1 km long paths with signs which contain valuable information about the surroundings. Tourists can visit the old and torn József mine, where, back in the days the miners were working with rudimentary tools and used horses instead of machines.


Day trip to Corund
Corund pottery

Next to Corund village.

The amazing art of Corund pottery has been described as one for all ages, with corresponding written records to far back 1613. The clay artisans often produced pottery in the shape of discs and the routine plates, pots, jars, cups, and bowls, etc., most of which were glazed with contrasting colors. In addition, their art includes also woodwork, sculpting, and metalwork.

As it began only as a strict handmade trade, the tradition is usually passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter and is often a family trade, as seen in the workshop-exhibition we shall visit.

Return to Sovata in the afternoon.

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