Băile Herculane

Price from: 150€/pers
Credits Băile Herculane

Băile Herculane

Price from: 150€/pers
Credits Băile Herculane

Baile Herculane is a millennium-old beachfront resort that has been popular since Roman times, when baths, temples, and monuments were built in honor of Hercules, Aesculapius, and Hygeia.

The first mention dates from 153 AD. A second important stage in the development of the resort is the Austrian period, which starts from 1718. The resort was visited, over time, by great personalities who enjoyed the virtues therapeutic thermal mineral waters: Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his mother Iulia, Emperor Franz Iosif and Empress Elizabeth.

The main therapeutic features are a very relaxing climate, isothermal and hyperthermal waters with distinct chemical and mineral compositions. Among them we mention some chloro-sodium thermal mineral waters, bicarbonated, slightly sulphurous - with a mineralization between 0.5 - 2.6 g/l and a temperature of 38.5 - 53.5°Celsius. Also, sodium chloride, bicarbonated, alkaline thermal mineral waters, with a mineralization between 0.6 - 3.5 g/l and a temperature between 46 and 56°Celsius. Sodium chloride, brominated, iodized thermal mineral waters and sulphurous, with a temperature of 62° Celsius and a mineralization between 3.87 and 7.93 g/l.

The negative ionization of the air reaches over 2000 negative ions/cmᵌ in certain areas, similar to heights of 3000m, although the real altitude reaches 120m above sea level.

The resort is indicated for rheumatic (degenerative or inflammatory) conditions, metabolic or nutritional issues, post-traumatic, digestive, dermatological, and occupational conditions.

Main procedures performed:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Massage
  • Functional recovery
  • Medical physical culture
  • Acupuncture
  • Geriatric treatments
  • Geriatric cosmetics
  • Traditional Chinese medicine


PRICES FROM: 150€/pers
Departures: May - October
Duration: 5 or 10 days / 4 or 9 nights
PRIVATE TOUR: Private tour
day by day trip
Afrodita SPA
Bacolux Resort

Afrodita 4* Resort & Spa

In the center of Baile Herculane resort, with different services and facilities. From modern rooms to restaurants, from the terrace with a view to play areas for the little ones. Outdoors or indoors, at Afrodita Resort & Spa everything is so special and so different!

Herculum Spa concept relies on mineral thermal baths as the central element of the spa.

Pools and Sauna areas

Aphrodite's Herbs Sauna imbibes you in herbal aromas that are not only aphrodisiacs, but also healing, a recipe inherited from the goddess of beauty herself. Sauna Hercule, with an innovative and unique design in Romania, is a black sauna that brings up to date not only the oldest type of sauna, "smoke sauna", but also highlights the black pine, a rarity of the place. The relaxation area in the vicinity of the saunas is created with special attention to the intensity of light and color, and all the elements add comfort and peace.

The swimming pool and the two Jacuzzis, with a modern design, bring nature truly indoors, and water is the element that balances the warm experiences in the entire spa circuit. The Caldarium is the area dedicated to adults, with other hot pools and a steam room.

The wellness area has a beautiful Relaxation Room with a mountain view, individual rooms for various spa therapies but also a massage room dedicated to couples.

Mineral thermal baths. The spa has its own source of mineral thermal water concentrated in Sulphur, with optimal pH for the skin, offering the possibility of spa therapies for recovery and prevention.

Medical Treatments. For recovery treatments and prevention of various conditions in the best conditions, the spa has:

  • Balneologist and specialized medical staff (nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs)
  • Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, also modern and spacious massage rooms,
  • State-of-the-art electrotherapy equipment and other therapy facilities
  • Relaxation spaces and an ideal environment for recovery activities.
Day trip Iron Gates
trekking and boat ride

Day trip to Iron Gates – trekking and boat ride on the Danube

The trip starts in the morning, after the breakfast. Drive along Cerna valley downstream to its mouth, when it is spreading into Danube River, then the route follows the course of the Danube, towards the enclosure, called Cazane (the Cauldrons). Before the Iron Gates I dam construction (in the 70’s), the area was characterized by rock slides, whirling formation, and getting through was made difficult by debris floating in the river. Now the impression is like a still and wide river, yet the landscape is majestic: the walls and rock towers of the tight limestone alternate between 300 to 150 meters on both sides of the river, the mountains reaching altitudes of 500 to 700 meters.

Our trip takes a hiking trail that leads to the panoramic points above the Danube gorges is recommended to anyone visiting the area and looking for a relaxing walk. The hike offers some unique panoramas.

The climb on Ciucarul Mare peak is worth totally approximately 30 minutes of steep hike at the beginning of the climb. The rest of the walk is relaxing, on a marked path, in a deciduous forest.

The viewpoints above the gorges are the main reason why tourists come here. Fortunately, there are several such places along the route, accessible to one person at a time. Somewhere at the base of these rocky cliffs, on the Romanian side, is the entrance boat-only entrance to the Ponicova cave.

Although some tourists are only satisfied with the climb to the first viewpoint, it is worth doing the whole circuit, as the route practically surrounds the plateau. Just above the Dubova gulf, the landscape is even more spectacular, opening to the Mehedinți Mountains.

Return at the Danube level, towards Mraconia gulf. Here we can admire the immense figure of the Dacian king Decebal sculpted in the limestone huge boulder. Here we take cruise boat on Danube in order to visit the Cazane and a couple of caves, Ponicova and Veterani, as well as 2,000 year-old Tabula Traiana memorial plaque, who marked one of the commercial and military roads built by the Romans.

Back to Baile Herculane in the afternoon.

Nera Gorges
Rudaria water mills

Day trip – Rudaria water mills and trekking in Nera Gorge

In the morning we leave the hotel, driving towards Eftimie Murgu village.  The main tourist attraction on the nearby upstream Rudăria Gorges consists of the 22 water mills spread over 3 km on the river, unique mulinological reserve, being considered the largest park of water mills from Europe.

Generation after generation, the peasantsdrilled the hard rock and made tunnels and canals in stone to direct the water, build ditches from tree trunks and created small storage lakes, and eventually raised mills with buckets (a horizontal wheel with 12 radial buckets and a vertical axis) on both sides of the river. Thus, in 1874 51 mills were recorded, out of which there still 22 watermills are strewn on the river bed in the present day.

The flour produced here has a unique taste, because the “grains” are crushed with stones spinning at a low speed, crushing over 100 kg of flour a day.

We visit around 10 mills, and then live to the next destination, Nera river.

The trekking route starts at Sopotu Nou, where the river enters in the gorge. We follow the river crossing the water from one bank to another for several times, along the marked trail. At some point, in a place where created a beautiful meander and the limestone walls of the valley wildly approaches we notice a crystal clear blue/green lake, found at a bottom of a cave whose ceiling crumbled long time ago – the Devil’s Lake. It is considered the biggest karst lake in Romania – 700sqm in surface and 12m depth. Return to the enter of the gorge following the same route.

Back to hotel at Baile Herculane in the afternoon.

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