Băile Felix

Price from: 150€/pers
Credits Băile Felix

Băile Felix

Price from: 150€/pers
Credits Băile Felix

Baile Felix represent Romania's largest all-year-round spa resort, located in the country's northwest, near Oradea city; the spring temperatures, between 40 and 49°C, and the concentration of salts slightly over 1 g/l provides miraculous properties to these waters for most locomotive disorders, falling in the category of oligo-mineral waters. The flow rates ranges between 40 and 110 l/s. The springs are sulphurous, and high in calcium or sodium, having a relaxing effect on a variety of ailments. Sapropelic muds with high levels of colloidal iron hydrosulphides can also be found here.

The miraculous effects of the thermal water of Baile Felix are known since the time of the Roman Empire. Tradition claims that, around the year 1095, King Ladislaus, traveling in these lands, would have found the thermal springs with miraculous effects.

The most ancient testimony of the existence of these baths dates back to 1221, in the time the Hevius de Magno-Varadina Abbey, which survived in these places until the Turks era. One of the first pools built hundreds of years ago may be still seen nowadays. A thriving resort developed around the first thermal spring over time, which attracted tourists from all corners of Europe. In recognition of the therapeutic qualities, at the world exhibition in Paris of 1896, the waters from this resort were awarded a gold medal and an honor diploma.

The first documented attestation about the resort dates from 1763 and contains the notes of a doctor regarding the construction of a swimming pool. In 1771, the wooden pool was transformed into a stone pool, with bath cabins attached. The first building was built in 1744, but intensively developed from 1885, after the first modern drill, called Izvorul Principal (the Main Spring).

Baile Felix is recommended for the treatment of rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, neurological and gynaecological disorders, endocrine and respiratory issues, associated diseases (nutritional and metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases), post-traumatic disorders, and recovery from medical emergencies or accidents.

Procedures that can be done at Baile Felix:

  • Hydrotherapy: baths with thermal water in pools and baths, herbal baths, underwater shower, Scottish shower, jacuzzi, infusions,
  • drainolymphatic bath;
  • Physiotherapy in pools with thermal water and bath tubes;
  • Stretching underwater and on the table;
  • Electrotherapy: Stanger, galvanic baths, diadynamics, ultrasound, laser, interference currents, short waves,
  • Tens, magnetodiaflux;
  • Aerosol inhalations with thermal waters and medicines;
  • Thermotherapy: paraffin wraps, mud wraps;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • General and partial massage, relaxing and toning;
  • Individual and group physiotherapy;
  • Cosmetics with "Gerovital" and "Aslavital" facial and body aesthetic treatments.


Lotus Therm 5* - Spa Luxury Resort

Absolute comfort, in a lush ambiance. Brilliance, pure elegance, relaxation transforming into recovery, refreshment and rejuvenation.

Lotus Therm represent a spectacular hotel which impress the through the value and attention paid to all its customers. The maximum capacity reaches 180 rooms, including several exquisite suites: VIP, honeymoon, blue or golden with sophisticated color and customize furniture, having an absolute comfort in a luxuriant ambiance, spaces for serenity, reveries and peace.

At the restaurant dishes from all the kitchens in the world are prepared skillfully by cooks with certified experience in gastronomy. Every detail is carefully arranged by the organizers, so the event to remain in everyone’s memory by its pomposity, distinction, originality.

The spa center, named Nelumbo Med-SPA offers Luxury and excellence in the field of balneology, Wellness & SPA services. The brand treatments act synergistically, to complement the inner balance and body health.

Medical procedures performed: Infrared therapy, Kinetotherapy for children with posture problems, Individual hydro-kinetotherapy, Ultrasonophoresis in water, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), low frequency currents – interferential, diadynamic, and Trabert, then Laser, also wave therapy – micro, short and magnetic; ultrasound, aerosols, (hydro)-kinetotheraphy, mud bath and wrap, paraffin and vacuum therapy, various jet water streams – Vichy, Cyclonic or underwater, the use of galvanic currents.

Wellness & Spa: sensory rituals for face and body, massages and baths will indulge the senses and will improve the health. The customers will be greeted by professional and dedicated therapists, who will turn the SPA session into a unique and unforgettable experience.

A large variety of relaxing massages, including reflexogenic, lymphatic, capillary, anti-cellulite and using the bamboo sticks, combined with thermal baths shrouded in scents of rosemary, mint, lemon, orange, with a touch of black pepper sweetened with almonds have deep rejuvenating and anti-stress effects.

Wide variety of cosmetic treatments (antiwrinkle, neckline, masks, scrub, peel-off, etc) enriches the hotel offers to its exquisite customers.

Felixarium aquapark. The concept consists in: swimming pools for adults and children, caves with thermal springs, cascades and water curtains, playgrounds and sports fields, lots of relaxation places made to the highest standards, for the most sophisticated tastes.


Hotel International – 4*

It is the first spa complex in Romania that holds the EUROSPA Med quality mark, supported by the European Association of Spa Resorts (ESPA). Considered as the emblem of the resort, the hotel amenities consists in an ultra-modern treatment base (wellness center with medical therapies, spa and saunas), swimming pools (2 indoor and 3 outdoor), the beach area and a forested coast.

The medical therapy consists in various procedures like:

  • balneotherapy (baths with thermal water in valves and pools)
  • hydrotherapy (underwater shower, underwater massage, Caracalla hydromassage, special showers: Vichy, Cyklonik, jacuzzi)
  • electrotherapy (galvanic baths, Stanger baths, diadynamics, ultrasound, TENS, interference currents, short waves, magnetotherapy)
  • inhalations with thermal water and medicines
  • wraps and mud baths (EXCLUSIVE at Hotel International)
  • massage therapy (medicinal and lymphatic massage, relaxation massage)
  • laser therapy
  • physical therapy
  • mechanotherapy
  • thermotherapy (paraffin wraps)


The circular indoor pools have thermal water (~39 g C). One of the pools has a hydro massage; outside the hotel there is a pool with thermal water which works all year round, a pool with cold water for swimming (only in the season) and a pool for children. The access to the outdoor pool with thermal water is through a covered passage, being much frequented even in winter. There are several procedures/activities that could be performed at the spa:

  • wellness pool with hydromassage
  • hydrotherapy
  • massage
  • hydromassage complex
  • special showers with chromo-therapy or aroma-therapy
  • jacuzzi
  • sauna
  • fitness center
PRICES FROM: 150€/pers
Departures: May-October
Duration: 5 or 10 days / 4 or 9 nights
PRIVATE TOUR: Privat tour
day by day trip
Day trip to Oradea
Enjoy a short visit to Oradea

Enjoy a short visit to Oradea – picturesque streets adorned with magnificent Art Nouveau buildings, a city with centuries of history behind. Oradea’s architectural heritage is impressive and it earned the city the inclusion in European Art Nouveau Network, alongside important cities such as Budapest, Barcelona or Vienna. Admire old residential palaces who display various influences from the 19th century Romantic Hungarian style and the avant-garde Secession (Vienna) school, to German (Berlin) and end of 19th century French School.

Panoramic visits: the Black Eagle Palace (designed to house cultural halls as a theater, ballrooms or casino’s), the Town Hall Palace – with the Tower open for visitors, the Palace of Justice, or the Moskovitz Palace. The religious edifices showing beautiful ecclesiastical architecture – as the Moon Church (with the mechanism indicating the Moon phases), the Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Ursuline Convent, the Capuchin Monastery or the Synagogues (Zion Neologue and Orthodox), speaking about people from different confessions living together and developing the city throughout the centuries.

During the visit we include also another important landmark of the city, recently restored – the Fortress of Oradea, serving both as military and religious purposes. It was the residence for the Roman-Catholic Diocese of Oradea for more than 5 centuries, starting with the 11th century; the inhabitants have found shelter inside the walls during many invasions in the Middle Age, the place being administrated by different rules – Hungarian, Transylvanian, Ottoman or Habsburg.

One lunch could enjoy a tranquil place by the water, at river Crisul Alb, in the middle of the city at Rivo restaurant, or a steak (from “ready to cook’ to “ready to eat” with bio veggies - a concept brought from UK) at Piata9 restaurant, or a fine exquisite Mediterranean food Crinul Alb Restaurant. 

Day trip – Apuseni Mountains
Meziad and Bears’ Caves

The amazing underworld of Apuseni Mountains: Meziad and Bears’ Caves

We start the day driving inside of Apuseni Mountains, upstream Meziad rivulet towards Meziad Cave. One of the oldest and best-known tourist attractions in Romania, it was first described by the well-known Austrian geographer Adolf Schmidl (1863) and was almost completely explored later, at the beginning of the 20th century. There are a few assets that make this place unique: archaeological traces of human inhabiting since the 3rd millennium BC (belonging to Cotofeni culture - the most important transit culture at the bronze age), as well as bear’s cave bone fragments, bat species (international protected) and endemic microscopically organisms, rare minerals layered on guano deposits, and also stunning karst interior formations.

The second attraction of the trip – Bears’ Cave.

This bone-filled cave got its name after founding of 140 bear skeletons inside, a complete cave bear skeleton being embedded in the stone floor of the cave even today. The cave system was first discovered in 1975 when exploratory mining blasting revealed the caverns. They were then explored by a group of scientists who found a massive amount of bones that once belonged to ancient, extinct cave bears that hadn’t walked the Earth for over 27,000 years. In addition to the bear remains, the cave itself is a wonderland of impressive geologic forms, offering several galleries to visit, among which we mention the scientific gallery, the candles gallery and (of course) the bones gallery.

Return to Baile Felix in the afternoon.

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