• DAY 5
Day 5

The program for today goes to the Danube river at the border with Serbia. The most beautiful part of the Danube river is situated on the place where it divides Carpathian (on our side) and Balkan (on the other side) Mountains. The place we go is the narrowest point in the Carpathian Mountains- Danube canyon: Cazanele Mari (The Large Boilers) and Cazanele Mici (The Small Boilers), only 119 m wide. The river’s erosion has formed beautiful caves and cliffs  - maxim height reaches 500m. Near the mouth of the tributary river Mraconia we can see the face of the Dacian king Decebal, the biggest rock sculpture in Europe, having 40 m tall and 25 m wide. We take the boat  on Danube in order to visit two caves, Ponicova and Veterani, as well as 2,000 year-old Tabula Traiana memorial plaque, who marked one of the commercial and military roads built by the Romans. Accommodation in 4* guesthouse.