• DAY 5 (30.08.2020): SIBIU AND FăGăRAș COUNTY
Day 5 (30.08.2020): Sibiu and Făgăraș County

After breakfast, we will enjoy the streets and squares of Sibiu, and from 10.00am we attend a special event – violins will delight our senses with a lot of great works of classical and contemporary music!

After this moment of joy, we go to the station, where we get on the train again. At 11.40am, we will head to Fagaras CitadelStarting 1.30pm, inside the fortress, we also have lunch, the last meal in Transylvania Train, a reunion of Transylvanian cuisine.

The final stage of our journey from Fagaras to Brasov, will be a great opportunity to change travel impressions, e-mail addresses or facebook profiles, with a glass of sparkling wine and a lot of good will. Around 5.00pm, after five days of memorable experiences, we will reach the final destination of our trip: Brasov Railway Station, where we will say Goodbye!