• DAY 3 (28.08.2020): TRADITIONAL CRAFTS
Day 3 (28.08.2020): Traditional Crafts

At 08.30am, after breakfast, we head to the train station in Sighisoara where Transylvania Train is waiting for us to explore a new destination in Siebenburgen: surroundings of Medias.

Again, on board we will enjoy the stories and landscapes of Transylvania with a cup of coffee or tea and a glass of Romanian wine.

At 10.00am, we take off at Medias Train Station and, in groups, we will head to the destinations for the first cultural experiences of the area. Throughout the day we will experience the traditions of Transylvanian culture. Starting 1.00pm, without leaving the landscape and the state given by the craft workshops, we’ll have lunch. Another opportunity to enjoy the local dishes from the heart of Transylvania.

We continue the afternoon with the second chosen workshop, crafting alongside the locals and popular artists, passionate about the beauty, which will share with us the secrets kept for generations.

After the workshops, at 4.30pm, we board the buses and head back to the train, which will be waiting for us at Copsa Mica Station, with snacks and cold beer, for a trip of almost three hours to Alba Iulia where we will be greeted as outstanding guests.

Accommodation in Alba Iulia, in a 4* hotel.