Brasov - Bran Dracula's Castle - Rasnov Fortress - Palincaria Transilvania Distillery - back to Brasov

Our tour will begin in the morning, around 10 am, as the guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Brasov*.

*Pick-up can also be arranged from Bucharest or other nearby cities, at an additional cost. Just let us know where you are accommodated.

From there, we will drive 30 km to Bran village and visit the most famous castle in Romania - Dracula's Castle, where we will experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and magic of this wonderful place. Because Bran Castle is the only castle in all Transylvania that actually fits Bram Stoker's novel description of Dracula's Castle, it is known throughout the entire world as Dracula's Castle.

We continue then with a visit of the impressive Rasnov Fortress, one of the best preserved rustic citadels in Transylvania! Located on hill in the Carpathian Mountains, 650 ft above the town of Rasnov, the fortress was built by Teutonic Knights as protection against invading Tartars and was later enlarged by the local Saxon population. Strategically located on the commercial route linking the provinces of Transylvania and Wallachia, Rasnov differs from other Saxon fortresses in that is was designed as a place of refuge over extended periods of time. As such, it had at least 30 houses, a school, a chapel and other buildings more commonly associated with a village. But, what is truly fantastic are the views you get up there!

Our final (and long awaited) stop will be at Palincaria Transilvania Distillery, where the owner will show us the basics of palinka distilling. It is believed that palinka makes up for 40% of the alcoholic beverages consumption in Romania; traditionally, people drink it before a meal as an aperitif (it is said that palinka stimulates the appetite and helps with digestion) while, when it comes to weddings, baptisms, anniversaries and so on, there is no celebration that doesn't include this special brandy! In many towns across the country, locals still welcome their guests with a small glass of palinka to show their hospitality.

We will have the chance to taste traditional Romanian spirits made out of various fruits, such as plumbs, apples, pears, quinces, apricots, sour cherries or blueberries, grapes and more, at different alcoholic concentrations, and we will discover the manufacturing process. You can also purchase some bottles to take back home, if you want. And it would be highly recommended!

After that, head back to Brasov, drop-off to your accommodation.