TOURISTIC OFFERS/ Day 17: Sibiu - Sighisoara - Sibiu

Today visits, after breakfast, include Sighisoara citadel – Europe’s best preserved medieval town! One of the most beautiful towns in the heart of Transylvania, the whole medieval citadel is today a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

In 1431, in the house at Museum Square 6, within the shadow of the old town`s Clock Tower, a women whose name is lost to posterity gave birth to a son called Vlad, who in later life earned the title The Impaler, abroad better known as Dracula, derived from Dracul or “the Devil” referring to his father Vlad Dracul, whom the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Hungary made a knight of the order of The Dragon in 1431. The Clock Tower (Council Tower) – one if its most famous attractions, the Church on the Hill, the Scholars Stairs, The Monastery Church, the towers of the citadel (originally fourteen), The Shoemakers Town, the Tailors Tower, the Tinsmiths Tower, the Venetian House and Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) House are only a few of the highlights.

In the evening, return to Sibiu and overnight in the same hotel.