TOURISTIC OFFERS/ Day 13: Cluj - Alba Iulia - Hunedoara (Corvin castle) - Sibiu (300km)

After breakfast, we will continue our way to Alba Iulia - the capital of the independent Principality of Transylvania, where the Union Act of the Romanian Principalities was signed in 1918. It is also known under the Latin name of Apulum, the Hungarian name of Gyulafehérvár and the German name of Karlsburg/Weißenburg. 

We will visit the Alba Carolina Citadel - the symbol - capital of the Romanians. The Citadel is the heart of the town of Alba Iulia, and was design to be the main defensive point of Transylvania, a militay center and arm storage facility. It is composed of 7 bastions conferring it the star shape characteristic to such citadels. Visit also the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the most valuable monument for the medieval architecture in Transylvania, inside which can be found the tomb of Iancu de Hunedoara (John Hunyadi). We should not forget Muzeul Unirii (the Union Museum), the place where the Union Act between Transylvania and Romania was signed on 1st December 1918.

We leave then to Hunedoara for a visit to Corvin Castle - also known as Hunyad Castle. Built in the 14th century, the castle represents one of the most amazing and well-preserved medieval buildings, being in fact the most famous property of Iancu de Hunedoara, building that even today dominates the city of Hunedoara.

Arrival in the evening in Sibiu. Accommodation.