Day 2. Sinaia – Busteni – Brasov (40 km)
After breakfast we will drive to Busteni, the most spectacular resort on Prahova Valley, at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains (Carpathians - Transylvanian Alps), elevation 1,110 m. We have the opportunity to take the cable car up on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 2.200 m, to visit the famous "Babele" and "Sphinx" - wind-modeled stone shapes.
Most travelers who come to Bucegi have heard about the Romanian Sphinx, a strange configuration of rock high on the mountain. Tourists are drawn to its human appearance: proportionate face, distinct lips, cheeks and large eyes beneath a wide forehead. The sight is a thrilling image for the imagination. It is believed the Sphinx, which stands 2,216 meters high, is a representation of the supreme divinity of an ancient people, the Pelasgi. They were a pre-Indo-European tribe who lived near the Aegean Sea, until the Greek tribes'migration up to Eland, Small Asia and Egypt.
Near the Romanian Sphinx on the Bucegi Platform, there also stands a group os stones known as "Babele", or Old Women. The rocks look like giant mushrooms. The three formations are each 3.5 meters high and the diameters of the pedestals vary between 2 and 4 meters.
In the afternoon, we will arrive in Brasov. We will visit the medieval part of the city with: The Black Church, The Town Hall, The Black Tower, The White Tower, Ecaterina’s Gate, Schei Gate and the Rope Street – the narrowest street in Europe. Accommodation right in the historical center, in a 3* hotel.