Day 15: Sibiu - Sibiel village - Sibiu

Breakfast in the morning, then in the afternoon we move to Sibiel, a picturesque village situated 20 km away from Sibiu. Here, we will discover a typically Transylvanian village where nature, tradition, culture and inhabitants’ hospitability join in a harmonious way.

We will enjoy a tasty traditional home-made lunch in a family guesthouse – meal prepared by the owner herself for you with pure biological food and drinks included, experiencing the Romania hospitality. We will also have the opportunity to see how villagers live in the country side, how they grow their domestic animals and how they prepare traditional food and drinks.

Here we will also see the wonder of Sibiel - the Glass Icons Museum, maybe the greatest Glass Icon Museum from Europe or even from the world, that is named after his founder, the priest Zosim Oancea.

Afternoon enjoying a relaxing walking tour of Sibiu`s Old District. Sibiu is one of the most important fortified towns in Transylvania. The city is reminiscent of old European cities such as Nurnberg and it was founded in 1190 and grew to be the chief city of the Transylvanian Saxons. This amazing place, with the "Old Town" (The Big Square, the Small Square, the Ursuline Church, The Franciscan Church, The staircase Tower, the Tanners Tower, the Liar’s Bridge , the House of the Butcher’s Guild and last but not least with the amazing Brukenthal Museum) is a gorgeous place to see. Optional visit to Brukenthal Museum, the oldest museum in Romania with a vast collection of paintings, antiques, coins, and rare books.

Accommodation in Sibiu.