The Wonderworld of Ciucas Mountains


           The Ciucaş Massif is a wonder of nature, a kingdom of forms and colors, a beauty in each and any season. In autumn, when the colors of the leafy forests mix with the green of the coniferous trees, with the yellow of the larch or the white of birch trees, a wonderful world opens up in front of your eyes. In winter, the snowflakes flowing quietly or the snowstorms create fantastic, fragile forms. In spring, when leaves are still in bud, the outlines of rocks fashioned in conglomerates or limestone show up against the sky. It is the time of myriads of delicate, yet resistant, lively colored flowers everywhere. The green juniper trees and the presence of the bright red Paeonia flowers spot the mountain slopes.

            This fascinating mountains covering the Carpathians Bend is dotted with land forms of exceptional beauty, fashioned in limestone and conglomerates. Rising up to a height of 1, 954 m and extended over 200 sq. km only, these mountains present an extraordinary rich and varied relief, rarely encountered in the Romanian Carpathians.
            The upper part reveals a unique association of towers, needles, columns, mushrooms, bare rocks and sphinx-like forms. The ridges and steeps bordering them make it appear less accessible. The Ciucaş Mountains are like a watershed for a few rivers, flowing in all directions.

            The grade of the tour is ranked as “normal hiking” – T2 from Swiss Alpine Club (see please http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAC-Wanderskala): apparent good hiking and good walk-way. Partly steep. Possible danger of falling hiking shoes recommended. A little slip resistance required. Basic orientation skills.



After 3 hrs drive from Bucharest to foothills we start a strenuous walk up to a majestic limestone ridge (Gropsoarele – Zaganu) overlooking to the rest of Ciucas Mountains and even beyond, to the massive block of Bucegi Mountains. The path will be taken up and down, as the peaks of the ridge will be revealed to us. In the evening we reach our accommodation, 3* Ciucas Chalet (1550m).

The route takes the northern part of the mountain, close to the summit of Ciucas Mountains, at 1954m. Then it follows a gentle ridge down to one of the access valleys to the mountain, Berii river. Another short hike to Muntele Rosu Chalet will create opportunities to see the alpine route taken yesterday, Gropsoarele –Zaganu ridge.

From here we start descending to Cheia resort.

Drive back to Bucharest. Arrive during the evening.

March - November
2 days/1 night

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    • Professional guide assistance, English speaking (or other languages upon request), during the whole trip; 
    • Transport by private modern AC car/mini-van (fuel and parking fees incl);
    • 1 night accommodation, breakfast included, 3* mountain chalet.
    • Meals, other than those mentioned in the itinerary;
    • Other expenses (such as souvenirs, room service and so on);
    • Tips for the guide/driver.